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This mod adds everyone's favorite talking deathclaw from Fallout 2 as a fully functional companion!

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Voicing coming soon!


- This mod is not an amazing mod. I know this. Now you know this as well.


- I am not adept at modeling/animating so anyone who wants to model a robe for Goris (look at screenshots from Fallout 2 if you haven't played) would be hugely appreciated and would receive copious amounts of brownie points and credit!


- My goal with this mod was to add Goris into the world of Fallout 4 without being intensely lore jarring. The aging of deathclaws is never mentioned at any time in any of the games, so I assumed that intelligent deathclaws would be similar to humans if not longer because of their F.E.V. exposure.

- I am posting this mod in it's current state to get help from anyone who downloads it, for I have done extensive testing but Bethesda games are notoriously problematic so I would like to get any issues sorted out sooner rather than later. This means that any suggestion you get or bug you notice, you should let me know!

- You'll find Goris chilling in Goodneighbor next to the Memory Den, you'll see him because he is a big ass deathclaw. Just talk to him to recruit him, no true quest required yet, I may come up with one in the future though.


-Use the mod manager or manually place the file directly into your Fallout 4 Data file


Deathclaw Armory by Hopper 31
Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster
Full Dialogue Interface by Cirosan and shadwar

Thank you all, this is a wonderful place to be able to share our passion for Fallout