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A two part quest where you must aid Moonshine Runners, from the foothills of Virginia, while they attempt to free the Commonwealth from the hold Wellington Whiskey has on it.

Permissions and credits
Coming to the aid of moonshine runners from the foothills of Virginia, the Sole Survivor discovers a war being waged by Wellington Whiskey. A whiskey company who have been in the Commonwealth since before the bombs dropped and are taking out all their competition. The Sole Survivor must put an end to their monopoly and disrupt the market.

Disrupting the Market is a Fallout® 4 quest mod I created. This is my first ever mod for a Bethesda game, so let me know what you think!

This quest brings the player into a conflict between two alcohol manufacturers in the Commonwealth. The player comes to the aid of a moonshine runner group from Virginia that traveled out here to expand their business. But, the Wellingtons, who have been in the Commonwealth since before the bombs dropped, are trying to take out any and all competition that may arise. It is up to the player to help free the Commonwealth from the hold the Wellingtons have on it and disrupt the market.

- Approximately 1-2 hours of new gameplay (Depending on quest line you take)
- 3 quests with multiple player decided endings
- 8 new spaces including a massive distillery to explore!
- 4 NPCs with full dialogue (no voice-over)
- 2 new opposing factions
- Lots of loot!

NEW IN 2.0:
- Addition of a 3rd quest to partner with the opposing faction
- 3rd quest adds approximately 1-1.5 hours of gameplay
- 5 new player decided endings
- Optimizations for triggers and events

Make SURE your game has the ability to load loose files by following the setup below:
1.) Navigate to Documents\My Games\Fallout4
2.) Open Fallout4Custom.ini
3.) Add the following lines to the end of the file
4.) Save the file
5.) Close the file

In order to play this mod, ENSURE SUBTITLES ARE ON! Otherwise you won't be able to read the dialogue and the story!
The quest should start immediately when you load into your game. The quest begins just up the street from Diamond City, so I suggest fast-travelling there first.

Thank you to everyone who has left their feedback so far, it is really appreciated!

I have been documenting all the bugs and conflicts I've read and have been working to find out what is causing them! The biggest one so far is that people are having a hard time moving around the exterior of the Distillery and around Diamond City (especially with Diamond City Expansion installed). I'm currently working on optimizing the space and triggers around these areas to hopefully make it smoother.

Update 2.0
Update 2.0 is currently out in beta. There may be bugs remaining which I will work diligently to fix as soon as they pop up! 2.0 adds a 3rd quest where players can side with the opposing faction, adds 5 new endings, and another hour of content. 

Future updates
Come September, I am hoping to begin voice acting for this quest. The group that I plan to work with will be back in town in September and depending on their schedule, they might be able to do voice over for the characters. There is quite a bit of dialog in this mod and a bit bigger of a project than they are used to taking on so we'll see what comes about!

Thank you for your patience in regards to bug fixes, they will come soon. Also thank you to everyone who has left feedback! It is really appreciated and I hope you'll give the quest another play through with 2.0 installed!