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Buffs the scribe that is escorted for the Brotherhood of Steel quest Learning Curve so that it can survive the more difficult locations.

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Tired of the scribe during Learning Curve being too aggressive and weak. Despite getting experience for a failed mission it would still be nice to succeed a bit more often. These changes are not all fully tested but it is a start.

The changes will not be applied to an existing scribe. If you have the Learning Curve quest active you must complete it and get a new scribe that will be buffed.

Scribe changes:

Base Health doubled from 200 to 400.

Scribe is now 25% higher level than your character. This was just to give a boosted health level that scales with the character instead of having to change the base health even higher making it unbalance at lower levels. I don't know of anything besides health that it effects. If anyone knows a better way to do this please post here.

Added the perks that all companions have: cnNoFallDamage, Sneak01, Sneak02, Sneak03, Sneak04, and ImmuneToRadiation. No idea if the sneak helps but scribe can now be taken into Glowing Sea.

I have added the faction HasBeenCompanionFaction to the scribe. What this does is allow the scribe to be buffed if you have the inspirational perk. Inspirational 1 will give 20% more damage to the scribe and inspirational 2 will give 20 damage resist and 20 energy resist. If you install my Fixed Inspirational mod then inspirational 1 will also make the scribe unable to hurt you and inspirational 2 will make it so you can't hurt the scribe.
WARNING: Although you can't hurt the scribe and it can't hurt you with my other mod, hitting it enough times in a short period of time will still make the scribe angry at you and go hostile. If anyone know how to stop this please make a post here. I have tried several things unsuccessfully including changing the scribes faction and disposition base.

The scribe should be less aggressive and brave. Aggression level changed from Aggressive to Unagressive and Confidence from Foolhardy to Average. Scribe does still run after vertibirds to help out but otherwise feels better.

Changed Endurance from 0 to 5. Don't think this helps with anything. It does not change health level. Did it just because scribe already had 5 perception and 5 agility and would not hurt.

Gave the scribe 1 HealRate. This might be the most important thing to survivabilty. Scribe will now heal when out of combat. Also gave a 0.1 heal rate when in combat in case you get stuck in combat for a long time.

Changed the scribe to always use the Field Scribe's Armor. This was so I could use the mod XA BOS Scribes and Soliders to give the scribe more armor. I believe armor is boosted from 5 to 125 with that mod.

10 base damage resistance, energy resistance, and fire resistance given. This is just a placeholder for something to change if scribe is still too weak at harder play levels. The XA BOS Scribes armor now gives OK damage resistance but energy resistance pretty low.

Scribe has 5 stimpak instead of 3. Even before my changes I have noticed the scribe used these to stay alive but not always and sometimes uses a bunch in a row even though healthy.

Version 2:
You can now give the scribe equipment. Give the scribe better armor or weapon. What I did was put the scribe into the factions WorkshipVendorFactionMisc and WorkshopDialogFaction. Had to be in both for trading to work. Tried lots of different factions that thought might work better but could not get any others to work. Like other settelement vendors talking to the scribe will have two trading options. One brings up the window for trading for caps but the scribe does not have any caps to buy stuff. The other trade option brings up the window to trade for free and equip items on the scribe so use it. One side effect is when greeting the scribe it says lines about bartering. Don't know of any other negative side effects for being in the two factions but they might exist. If don't like it then use version 1.0.