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Adds Far Harbor and Nuka World weathers to the Commonwealth.

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Unified Commonwealth Weather, quite simply, adds Far Harbor and Nuka World weathers to the main Commonwealth. This is not a weather replacer. It uses entirely vanilla (DLC) assets. If you're interested in a lightweight weather mod that uses vanilla weathers but adds slightly more variety to the weather you experience within the Commonwealth, then this mod may serve you well.

I also took it a step further than just adding the weathers linearly. I made sure to edit region weathers and tried to keep things appropriate for the area. The southern swamps will still be mostly rainy and overcast, for instance. The Western side of the map will have much higher chances for Nuka World weathers and almost no chance of Far Harbor. Alternatively, the northern and coastal regions will produce more Far Harbor weathers with very little chance of that bright pastel blue you often see in Nuka World.

I couldn't find a mod like this. I saw a couple that replace vanilla weathers with ones from DLCs, but not one that added DLC weathers to the Commonwealth.


Won't work with other weather mods like True Storms and Vivid, for obvious reasons. If you prefer those (they're great mods), then use them! It could be merged with them, but there isn't much point. Most other weather mods have a very different philosophy, involving the replacement of vanilla weathers entirely, and usually including entirely new sky/cloud textures.

Other than that, this mod doesn't actually edit any weather records, only climate/region, so anything that edits those specific things isn't compatible.


Clarity by Bretton works beautifully with UCW. I highly recommend it.
Radiant Clouds and Fogs by MangaClub works pretty well with this mod.
Subtle ENB is the preset I've used for years. Basically since it was released.

If you want your game to look similar to my screenshots, use all three!


Do what you want. It took me all of around 10 minutes to make this mod. Testing it, taking screenshots, and writing out this description has taken longer. If you DO use it to make something else for some reason, a mention would be nice, but I can't make you.


FadingSignal, who informed me some time ago that you have to edit region records when making weather mods, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.


Now available for Xbox One and PS4!