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Face variations for roleplaying different character builds: Synth, Child of Atom, Supermutant, Raider, Zombie, Tactical and Normal

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I was searching the Nexus for an awesome face preset and I stumbled upon Harly's Alison Preset (Check his beautiful preset too!)
at first I was happy with my new character, but found some details I wanted to change, so I spent hours changing and molding it to my liking and came up with a variation to Harly's Alison Preset... Sarah
I was excited with my results and wanted to spend even more time with different styles so it would suit my future character builds, so here we go...
The Face variations for Sarah are:
  • Normal/Natural
  • Synth (my favorite) 
  • Raider
  • Child of Atom
  • Supermutant Queen
  • Tactical
  • Zombie (for those who would like to roleplay with the Cannibal perk maybe?)

CAN ALSO BE USED FOR COMPANIONS! (see below for more details)
FULLY CONFIGURED FOR THE NEW HiPoly Faces!! (see below for more details) :)


There are a few requirements for this to be exactly the way it is shown in the screenshots, they are the same as Alison Preset's requirements so here we goIt may seem like a lot of requirements, but trust me, it is worh it :D
(For High Poly Faces) And if you want to, I highly recommend downloading SQr17's HiPoly Faces and choosing the High Poly version of this mod; I've already set up all the presets with his instructions, so just selecting them would be enough to see the High Poly changes :)


Choose 1 file, either the Vanilla Face or the High Poly Faces version of the mod
(you can download both if you want to, but better to stick to only 1 version)

Download and Install with NMM (Nexus Mod Manager) 
Manually place the Presets in (usually in steamapps - common -) Fallout 4 main folder - Data - F4SE - Plugins - F4EE - Presets

How to use in-game:

To use LooksMenu you'll need to launch FO4 vía F4SE

Create a new save and Load the Preset with the R) Presets key (located in the bottom left corner)

To change your face in an existing save go to a Plastic Surgeon or open the console and type "slm 14" without the quotation marks, hit enter and once you are in the Looks menu load the preset with the R) Presets key (located in the bottom corner)

To modify your companion looks:

Go to your desired companion and open up the console
Type in the next commands to open up the Looks Menu
for Cait: slm 00079305
for Piper: slm 00002f1f
for Curie: slm 00102249 (not working for me, maybe you can try it out) :)

and once you are in the Looks menu load the preset with the R) Presets key (located in the bottom corner)

Recommended Mods to complement the roleplaying:

Children of Atom - Fanatics Outfits
Female Synth Body Dress
Fortaleza Armor - CBBE

And you are ready to try out the presets!
Here is my BodySlide Preset: Sarah's Body - Balanced Beautiful CBBE BodySlide Preset

Thanks and if you want to, don't forget to post some screenshots :D