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A simple mod. Something that should have been in the vanilla game. Adds the dialogue so that the robots made from the Automatron DLC can be fully working vendors and doctors, and not just stand at the stall and earn caps.

Permissions and credits
I made this mod because I was annoyed by the fact that you can set your robots to be vendors or doctors but they don't actually have the dialogue to be able to barter or cure you. Now they do! Also there was only one other mod I found on the entire internet that does this (which isn't even published on the nexus) and that one doesn't have the "Cure Me" dialogue option, nor does it have a fourth dialogue option which I have filled with "Trade".

This mod requires the Automatron DLC.

Some Things to Keep in Mind: 

Being that this mod is still in alpha phase, not all dialogue have voice files. Most do however.

The three "bleep" voice types currently don't have the dialogue to be vendors or doctors. If you want to set a robot to be a vendor or doctor be sure to change their voice to one of the other voice types. I plan on adding the dialogue for the bleep voice types in the next version.

The robots will vend during usual hours like normal settlers. The dialogue only works during vending hours even though they stand at the stall constantly. 

Future Versions Will Have:

-100% voiced dialogue
-bleep voice dialogue
-possibly more dialogue options per voice type