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Annex the Commonwealth



This mod comes with both FOMOD and BaIn installers and I recommend NMM or Bash
to install. Manual installation is also supported but it not recommended unless
you know what you are doing.


Settlements that are currently covered (every vanilla settlement will be
eventually). All of these settlements also have neighbouring sub-divisions
which can be futher annexed to increase build volume, budget and population

Abernathy Farm
Egret Tours Marina
Gray Garden
Oberland Station
Outpost Zimonja
Red Rocket Truckstop
Sanctuary Hills
Somerville Place
Starlight Drive-In
Sunshine Tidings Coop
Tenpines Bluff
Warwick Homestead

A basic roadmap for ATCs releases can be seen here:

A complete sub-division map can be see here:


Here's what you need to know to play the mod:

To be able to start using this mod you will need the holotape. There are
several scattered around the Commonwealth, you can find one in the Museum of
Freedom in Concord (Screenshots\00_Holotape_Location). The rest you will find
in appropriate places around the Commonwealth.

Once you find a holotape, load it into the PipBoy and start the mod. After the
mod has started there will be a new "Workshop" menu in the settlement build
menu. ATC will take several seconds to a few minutes to start depending on the
current load on the game. ATC will let you know when it is done starting and
ready for use however.

With the holotape in your inventory you will be able to build the "ATC Terminal"
from the "Workshop" menu Screenshots\01_WorkshopMenu_Settlement_Terminal) at any
external workshop (ie, not the Diamond City player home).

After building the terminal you can then begin annexing "sub-divisions" starting
with incorporating the "main sub-division" for the settlement which will
increase the initial "build volume" (total volume as well as the build budget)
of the settlement. Every sub-division increases the population cap as well as
the build volume for the settlement. There are "hard" and "soft" limits to
incorporate and annex sub- divisions, the hard limit must be met to incorporate
the main sub-division. If the limits are otherwise not met the cost (caps) to
annex the sub-division will increase.

The function of the mod is fairly straight forward otherwise. Use the terminal
to annex more land, temporarily turn on the sub-division borders to get a better
idea of the area it covers, etc.

NOTE: If you have a ridiculously high movement speed or otherwise short-circuit
some of your game mechanics (ie, using "coc redrocketext" from the main menu),
ATC (and other mods) may need anything from a few seconds to a few minutes to
"catch up". This is simply due to how the game processes and dispatches events.
So, don't cheat your player speed and don't teleport around in a manner the game
isn't expecting or give your game and mods time to catch up with you. ;)


The Settlement Terminal

To build the terminal you need to be at a "normal" settlement (eg, Sanctuary)
and have the ATC Holotape on your person to "upload the software" to the
terminal. Without the holotape the terminal should not show up in the
"Workshop" menu.

One holotape will be found in the Museum of Freedom in Concord the rest you will
need to find and are placed in locations that make sense pre-war.

Aside from that, you only need the following to build the terminal:

4 Aluminium
2 Circuitry
6 Copper
2 Crystal
2 Rubber
10 Steel
2 Makeshift Batteries
1 ATC Holotape

When using the terminal itself, you may encounter the following message:
If you do, this means that ATC is busy updating all the terminal related data
and needs a few seconds to a minute to catch up. You don't need to exit the
terminal, selecting the processing message will automatically refresh the
terminal and, when ready, that message will go away and show the appropriate
data for the terminal screen you are trying to view.


Mod Incompatibilies and/or Redundancies

This mod does not require a new game, has no external requirements and, has no
quest requirements*. Basic requirements are simply population, population
happiness and having enough money (caps) to buy the sub-divisions for a given
settlement. Caps are taken first from the settlement workshop then player
inventory if there is not enough caps in the workshop itself to purchase the

* The mod itself has no quest requirements however, some sub-divisions may be
quest locked out of necessity.
eg: The [SPOILER] near [SPOILER] is not available until [SPOILER].

Regarding mod compatibility...

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

v2.0.0 and lower broke the workshop script API and is the only direct
incompatibility with this mod. This was fixed in v2.0.1 so, either do not use
UFO4P or use v2.0.1 or later.

Fallout 4 Script Extender

This mod does not require the F4SE but has some enhanced features if it is
installed. Such features include:
Locations "encompassed" by a sub-division will never respawn once the sub-
division has been annexed. There will be an option to disable this
feature in the holotape (TODO).
Something I forgot.
More to come later.

Sim Settlements & Rise of the Commonwealth

This mod does not require these mods but has some enhanced features if they are
installed. Such features include:
When a city plan is active for a settlement, the population for the main
sub-division is taken from the city plan regardless of anything else.
When a city level upgrades, the settlers will claim territory on their own.
At level 0, this will be the main sub-division. For each level after
that they will claim one additional sub-division (if there is one
More to come later.


This mod is not incompatible with any other mod. That being said, it may be
redundant with certain other mods.

Mods that modify build volumes and build budgets are not incompatible but are
absolutely redundant. Should you choose to use them together note that when
you annex the main sub-division for the settlement the build volumes and
sandbox volume connected to the workshop are unlinked and the build volumes and
sandbox volume provided by the sub-division is linked to the workshop instead.
Additional sub-divisions annexed also link the build volumes associated with
them to the workshop for the settlement (only main sub-divisions have an
associated sandbox). This means that annexing the main sub-division will make
the mod increasing the sandbox volume and build volumes useless.

The only vanilla forms edited are the global values for AI sandboxing up and
down to accomodate ATCs larger sandbox volumes. If you are using settler
sandbox package mods such as Settler Sandbox Overhaul (Nexus ID: 20442) then you
can uninstall it as this ATC contains values optimized for it's own sandboxes.
Those mods will work with this mod but, like mods effecting build volumes, it
may or may not cause minor issues.



To anyone whom I missed, it wasn't intentional and if you join us on Discord we
will be sure to update the credits to include you and your contributions. :)

1000101: Project Lead, Main Scripting and Tooling, Sub-division designer

OstrovakCZ: Sub-division designer, Cool animations and graphics
damanding (discord): Modeling: Settlement terminal, packed settlement terminal
MsRae (by proxy): Modeling: Packed settlement terminal

ousnius (discord): Tooling: NIF format, computing tangents and bi-tangents
jonwd7 (discord): Tooling: NIF format, help with concave polygon shrink-wrapping

Scrivener07 (discord): Rubber-duck Debugging
W. J. Vicyorus (discord): Rubber-duck Debugging
mator (discord): Rubber-duck Debugging

TrickVein (discord): “DON’T FUCKING DO IT!” (inside joke)

The testing team (listed alphabetically):