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A baseball-like grenade that spawns enemies in large batches. You know, for mod testing.

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Version 1.2
Fixed minor script bug
Grenades are now weightless

Version 1.1
Added Yao Guai to Animals Menu.
Uploaded ESL version.

Crafted at the chem station.  No components, recipe makes 50.

Just toss one out and spawn between 1 and 50 test subjects.  Many varieties of enemies to choose from:

Animals - Bloatfly, Bloodbug, Dog, Mirelurk, Molerat, Radroach, Radstag, Yao Guai.
Robots - Assaultron, Mr. Gutsy, Mr. Handy, Protectron, Sentry Bot
Enemies - Feral Ghoul, Glowing One, Raider, Supermutant, Synth
Gangs - Brotherhood, Brotherhood Power Armor, Children of Atom, Scavenger, Gunner, Triggermen
Monsters - Deathclaw, Behemoth, Mirelurk Queen, Radscorpion, Stingwing

Spawn 1, 5, 10, 25, or 50 foes at once.

Spawns are pulled from their respective leveled character lists, so at L100 you can easily get 50 Albino Deathclaws (see picture).  Also, if they are opposing factions, they will fight each other (e.g. Brotherhood vs. Ferals).