About this mod

Angle-themed weird weapons! Portable great partially-glass elevator, networked gun computers and designator, hotshot pistols, human totem poles & people fireworks, incontinent energy birds, frosty junk trails, bouncy cigs attracting flies cookin' up hobo barrels, and long-distance rending!

Permissions and credits

Hey man, everybody's got one. (Especially starship captains accused of one moving violation, did you see Heavy Metaltoo?)

That's the cynical human-relations perspective, anyway. From the geometrical perspective, well, we've got, like, a whole lot of them according to some book I read a while back. "Perspective", that has something to do with angles, too, right? Like you know there's visual perspective like when I took art history that one time but there's also like emotional perspective, feel me? So yeah, this weird weapon pack in overtime, brought to you by the letter, umm... theta, I think?

And our second theme, like if our mod were taking a minor or like an "exploratory critical emphasis" in something, it's like "Heaven and Hell", dude. I don't want to go on and on and on about that, because they just told me to tell you that, okay? This mod adds 8 things escaped from weird weapon purgatory to Diamond City's hottest club, which you can access on the top floor of the Codman abode in the Upper Stands near the Taphouse. They don't really deserve the access; it's kinda like an easement deal.

Desktop Gun
- Melee to place a Desktop Gun node. You can change ammo (to your own gun's current ammo) and lock or push settings at the terminal. Firing the gun while crouched designates a target for all nearby nodes, which swivel their guns to aim at the impact spot. Firing while standing tells all nearby guns to fire, fusillade style.

Ghost Iron In The Sky - Gun that shoots a bullet which makes a flying, flaming gun which shoots bullets capriciously at hapless bystanders.

Elevator Pitch - Portable elevator pellet, spawns pod which is controlled when player is near center pad and crouched. Look up to go up, down to go down, and around to go around. If there is minimal elevation or azimuth change, the pod will go forward in current direction. Great for sniping. Activate to bring to current level, crouch-activate to destroy.

Stacktotem Overflow - Creepy head that turns into a bigger creepy head which builds a human totem pole. When the head is shot enough, it will spin around and toss molotovs out its mouth, explode like a volcano, and lob the NPCs around like fireworks. Crouch while using for a much lamer effect.

Crow-verwatch - A bird feeder thrown to spawn 4 chatty varieties of robocrow. They fly around from perch to perch tossing energy weapons fire around chaotically. Crouch to let them lob grenades when near targets and awayish from the player.

Snack Trace - cart throwable at NPCs, induces Hansel/Gretel junk food trail droppings. Activate food to follow trail while crouched, to blow it up (freezer burn?) while not.

Remote Hewing
- crouch and swing to try to acquire a target, swing while standing to attempt a telekinetic kill of them. Use in third person if you really must get a camera view "somewhere near" the victim (n.b. FO4's engine randomly takes quite unkindly to its own camera switching function).

Need A Light?
- Giant, potentially painful cigarette which bounces around spawning hobo fire barrels where there isn't much light to illumine dark places.

If you like the kind of weapons in this mod, check out the EPA Weird Weapons Season Pass. Eventually this may get integrated into that compilation.