About this mod

If you have all the official DLC (e.g. hold the Season Pass), this file collects all of my weird weapon packs in one convenient mod slot, comprising what is basically a reference-laden love letter to video gaming's most outlandish strange weapons and postgame cheat and novelty items.

Permissions and credits
We tend to love funny easter egg or joke type weapons. They can give us crazy game-breaking powers and facilitate odd nods to pop culture and in-game lore current and previous. But what if the vast majority of the weapons in a beloved game were gimmicks?

As of V3.1, the ultimate easter egg and joke weapons mod for Fallout 4 is now complete!

Now you can simulate that kind of (bock bock) bizarro world in Fallout 4, and have a lot of silly fun doing it, with this one-stop-shop mod (whose apparent ambition has horrifically developed to be the most excessive, elaborate surreal, absurdist weapon mod in video games) that adds over ONE HUNDRED TWENTY EIGHT strange weapons & items, many of which are homages, and some original concepts. Some are direct weapons, some are indirect, some are more tools than weapons, some are tame and some are cataclysmic, and nearly all of them are terribly, terribly impractical (maybe even stupid or ridiculous).

If you have all the official DLC (e.g. hold the Season Pass, bought the full collection of DLC individually, or got the GOTY edition), this file collects all of my off-the-wall weird weapon packs in one convenient mod slot, comprising what is basically a pop-culture-reference-laden (can you spot them all?, see below) love letter to video gaming's most outlandish strange weapons and postgame novelty and cheat items.

The game's scripting flexibility is stretched to its outer limits to deliver a wide range of unique effects, and to give you as many abilities as possible so that Fallout 4 can truly shine through as a emergent systems, sandbox game.

If you are bored with Fallout 4 and want to have fun and exercise the game's ability to simulate chaos, this is the mod for you.
If you really liked looking through those video game cheat books as a kid, this is definitely the mod for you.

In some ways, this is an important kitchen-sink-style cheat mod and proof of concept for those not on PC that shows how flexible native Papyrus is (it adds rudimentary programmable computers a la ComputerCraft, it allows spawning arbitrary forms in through in-world number entry, it takes apart the world and provides warping, restructuring, and all manner of NPC manipulation). There are really stupid, tech demo features like a vibration test for your gamepad (e.g 360 wireless controller) which allows you to control the bias and force of the motors by your character's elevation and azimuth orientation (e.g. look up and face North for max left & right vibration, be crouched for continuous rather than pulsing feedback -- most items in the mod have crouch and or melee triggered "alternate fire" or contextual-control modes, like Perfect Dark).

If you want to feel like a little more than a demigod in Diamond City (every single non-player-home interior has a special item in it!)...

If you want something to accompany your serious "realism" based playthrough, well, this might be the wrong tree.

(I would love to see a video with all of these weapons and their alternate fires fully showcased, but it might end up an hour or two long. And doing full playthroughs or speedruns with the stuff would be... interesting.)

(If you don't have all the DLCs, go get the EPA Weird Weapons WackyPak and then the individual addons not in the WackyPak enumerated below)

Replaces the WackyPak: Zetan Poltergun, A Tree Grows In Boston, BFC-9500, Bilgeplump, Ergospheric Albondigizer, Globulizing Nucleator, CE-4 Visitor, Combustibloks Remote Bombs, Dweller's Funky Bowling, GrabbityGun, GrabbityHammer, Keelerator, NukaMon Capture Ball, Institute Portal Gun, Propulso 5000, Punching's Greatest Hits, The Scaleo Diet, Shock N' Awe, Synth Spy Swatter, Thar She Blows, The Guns of Navarro, The Wizard of O2, and Vuvuzewaspz: The Apian Way, previously available in the WackyPak (an early, very partial compilation for those without the DLC).
Also replaces
DLC-dependent and second-round weird weapon mods: Robo Rumble, It Came From Far Harbor, Beverageer's Stash, Chicago Typewriter, Il Produttore di Stranezze, and Avoid the Crazy Chicken Underground. V2: Angle of Mercy, Form F From Address Space, Reduced Fare, Papyrus Computer Club (programmable computer gun!), Goodfeelas II: Hypnic Hullabaloo. Plus: Mirelurk Merchant, Fisher of Men, Garbage Deflector, Saltatory Conduction, and The Hitchhiker's Gown at the End of the World. Also: The Maze Ruiner and Falling Down.

Not included: PrestoGravy

  • To get the weapons, go to the Dugout Inn, where the shadowy benefactor P.G. has left a Scavenger Hunt note on the sitting area table. Read the note to get a bunch of quest markers to guide your way to the insanity.
  • If you want to try out the weapons without going on the full hunt, wait until the objectives stop coming, then leave the Dugout Inn, drop the note on the ground, and read it while crouched. This is the "secret" DeusEx:InvisibleWar-penguin-dance-party-like "backpath" to be awarded access to a container with all the new items.
What Stuff's In this Compilation?

From EPA Weird Weapons WackyPak

  • Tree Fiddy (a wad of cash that grows a random tree where it is flung) [Diamond City Surgery Basement]
  • Caps 4 Junkers (a flaming tire iron that spawns a car that blows up and turns enemies into cap pinatas) [Diamond City Surgery Basement]
  • Drek-A-Vak (a vacuum gun which sucks the items and clothes off NPCs, also sucks up items in the environment) [Diamond City Surgery Basement]
  • He's Undead, Jim (a pipe wrench which "fixes" the dead, but not completely) [Diamond City Surgery Basement]
  • The Wizard of O2 (fires oxygen tanks, some of which are leaky, and rocket around aimlessly) [Doc Crocker's House]
  • The State Electrician (places the enemy in an electric chair and electrocutes them) [Doc Crocker's House]
  • Bric-A-Blast! (spawns oversized toys and souvenir junk, which overloads and explodes) [Doc Crocker's House]
  • The Zone Dropper (when fired at a suitable elevated position outdoors, drops you in power armor from the sky) [Doc Crocker's House]
  • Globulizing Nucleator (grows a hardworking bubble around your enemy, which lifts them into the sky... and eventually pops) [Diamond City Warehouse]
  • K-19 Cherenkov (spawns a potent radiation emitter, to irradiate your enemies to death) [Diamond City Warehouse]
  • The Peppergun (a risky shotgun that fires a bunch of cluster bomblets) [Diamond City Warehouse]
  • ZZZ-Gun (a single-shot pistol which "tranquilizes" your enemy) [Diamond City Warehouse]
  • Contrafister (a catastrophic powerfist which spawns a cymbal monkey that spins around and launches rockets) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Paralyzing Palm (an invisible glove that turns your enemies stiff so that they may fall over, rigid) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Slug-Away!! (a magical boxing glove which teleports your enemy into a faraway boxing gym for a one-on-one fight) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Glass Knuckles (knuckles which freeze your enemy, and turn them invisible) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Pinned Down! (a minigun that shoots railway spikes) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Breaches-Chests (a power fist that explodes chests) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Cage Match (a switchblade that imprisons you and your enemy in a large arena, until he is defeated) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Corner Pocket (a pool cue that spews explosive billiard balls) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • D-Stabilizing Horrigun (a flare gun that shoots VERTIBIRD CRASHES!) [Moe Cronin's House]
  • Blackwater Poseidon  (a flamer that coats the ground with oil slicks and gas clouds) [Moe Cronin's House]
  • Top Kill Sgt.  (a spinning gun that augurs your enemies straight into a hole in the ground) [Moe Cronin's House]
  • CE-4 Visitor (an alien implement which calls a chatty abduction crew to whisk your enemy to a unknown place) [Solomon's House]
  • PS40 (a terrible assassin pistol which falls to the ground every time you fire it, BUT which has high critical damage!) [Solomon's House]
  • Anchorshot Boatotype (a type of grapple gun that shoots an anchor which pulls you and a boat to wherever it lodges) [Fallon's Basement]
  • Vuvuzewasp Hymenohyve (a horn that shoots robot bees that make horrible vuvuzela noises! World Cup!) [John & Cathy's House]
  • Grabbityhammer (a hammer that flings nearby enemies into the air, whether or not you hit them directly) [Dugout Inn]
  • Funky Bowling Ball (a bowling ball which works like a grenade, for decapitation -- also, equipping it a few times will cause nearby NPCs to turn into pins, who die painfully when tipped) [Craft at Chem Lab]
  • Combustiblok Detonator & Booster Packs (children's wooden blocks, which are actually remote detonated bombs with a programmable explosion: cryo, ICBM, artillery, gas, etc.; look down to change explosion, melee to detonate) [Craft at Chem Lab]
  • The Scaleo Diet (a combination shrink and growth ray: shoot an enemy and look up or down to change scale; also works on self, look down and unequip/reequip to return to 1:1 scale) [Diamond City Schoolhouse]
  • Drill & Kill (shoots special larvae which drill deep into the head, causing sweating, loss of weapons, and eventually sudden cranial discharge) [Diamond City Schoolhouse]
  • BFC-9500 (a metal cat gun which shoots a giant illuminating green blob of death which itself shoots other projectiles - also, bash to release suicide hunter-seeker cats with random targets) [Hawthorne Residence]
  • Shock N' Awe (a gun that shoots a needlessly long airstrike at a location, coincident with a patriotic fireworks show!) [DC Security Office]
  • Thar She Blows! (a gun that shoots a dead fish, which explodes into blood that attracts a cheesy animatronic-style ghoul whale to "eat" the victim) [Latimer Residence]
  • Zetan Poltergun (a glitchy alien gadget that allows you to fly behind an NPC as a ghost and control that NPC, with a deeply-upsetting Crash Bandicoot style camera system) [Cave near UFO Crash Site, containing Alien pilot]
  • NukaMon Ball (special spherical devices which capture NPCs so that you can stuff them in containers or release them as commandable, but likely effete teammates) [Craft at Chem Lab]
  • Synth Spy Swatter (a bat for hitting all of your settlers in stupid witchhunts - if a settler is a synth (or sleeping w/ Sandman perk), their heads will explode!) [Diamond City Greenhouse]
  • GrabbityGun (an overpowered gravity gun, for lifting cars and also NPCs; be careful with your left-click, bash lets NPCs down easier). [Dugout Inn]
  • Force Mine, Force Grenade, Impulse Turret (these fling people away instead of using conventional explosions) [Craft at Chem Lab; Workshop Turret]
  • Propulso 5000 (a fun air cannon which can launch everybody but robots high, high into the sky) [Kill Postman, or Gorski Cabin basement safe]
  • 23-Squidoo (a minigun that squirts out useless Mirelurk larvae) [Gorski Cabin basement safe]
  • Snowclone (a snowball that clones people) [Bizarro gym, reachable by using Slug-Away!!]
  • Pipergirl (a mildly deadly newspaper launcher! you can claim the redemption value!) [Publick Occurences]
  • Keelerator (shoot this at an NPC to swap places, but not orientations with them) [Fallon's Basement]
  • Studio Gibbly (a malfunctioning ripper, which can dismember without killing) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • La Capitulation Francaise! (a French sword which intimidates your enemies, maybe into surrender) [Fallon's Basement]
  • Mortal Klaw-mbat! (a claw gauntlet which turns your enemy into a bloody bag of bones; some chance of a surprise baby!) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Lights Out! (a pipe that renders people unconscious, best used on robots) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • Portal Gun (a gun, that shoots one of two warp portals; you can create loops and teleport things like junk and grenades) [Choice Chops Rooftop Meat Freezer]
  • Board of Sanitation (whack a dweeb with this and they get a garbage can on their head) [Doc Crocker's House]
  • Bilgeplump (shoot this at a point indoors, and water will rise up to that point, look down and unequip/reequip and the water should disappear). [Sheng's House]
  • DIANISIS (a gun that shoots landmines) [Moe Cronin's House]
  • Ergospheric Albondigizer (a cannon that shoots a lazy black hole - it sucks but does only picks at its food) [DC Science! Center]
  • The Final Bell (wear this to slow down time) [DC All Faiths Church]
  • 2525 Championship Ring (wear this to speed up time) [DC All Faiths Church]

From It Came From Far Harbor!

  • Tracker Keeper (shoot an enemy with this and you get a holotape encoded with a reference you can use on your Pip-Boy to track them on the map, kill them and access their inventory remotely, command them,  etc.) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Yo-Ho (hit an enemy with this meat hook and a bunch of bear traps will spawn
  • beneath them, probably folding them up a bit; also comes with some nutritious Hase) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Krab Kook-Out (puts an enemy in a flaming crab boiler, immolates/cremates them) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • A Fowling Peace (spawns blue chickens that don't attack, but do run around, annoying the guards). [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Voxel Populi (very slowly imprisons the target in a prison made of DiMA simulation voxels, until such time as you shoot or explode the cage's keystone) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Nuclear Launch Defected (spawns a missile "silo" with a very drawn out launch sequence, missile launches and then misfires, causing widespread death, somehow not much radiation) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Hedcanon (shoots disembodied synth heads that can be splatted on a wall, or shot at someone to spawn a devious machine that cuts their head off with the power of magnets) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • DethBall #FF0000-K (spawns a cloud of differently sized evil training remotes, from the DiMA puzzle section) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Fog, Come Denser (harpoon gun that shoots an egg that spawns a reverse fog condenser, in that it draws in creatures from the Deep Fog until dismantled) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • Missing Gnome (an evil gnome appears that causes terrible random mischief) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]
  • The Captain's Pants (I'm Garrus Vakarian, and these are my favorite damp, preworn, self-congratulatory waders on the Far Harbor dock!; crouch-equip to kind of become the creature from the budget Fah Hahbah  version of the Black Lagoon, crouch while wearing to hear musings) [Coastal Outhouse, near Oceanarium]

From Beverageer's Stash: Stupid Weapons Under Bradberton

  • Admit 2? (a ticket to the Grandchester Mystery Mansion, that, when thrown, spawns Lucy and her alter ego, who is armed with a flamethrower, and kind of angry) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Daikaijubatoru (a chuckable monster egg that spawns a random not-so-gentle giant ill-disposed to its own kind) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Bottle-Cap Mine (a promotional standup of Bottle, which when thrown is a standup of Cappy good for target practice and also a mine with small random chance of turning back into Bottle) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton; Craft at Chem Lab]
  • Ditch Plays (a throwable shovel that spawns a wide conveyor belt where it lands; activate the belt to switch directions, crouch-activate to dismantle) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Thwack-Uh-Tool! (play Whack-A-Mole with nearly any humanoid NPC, see the scoreboard display hits landed and their HP, win tickets commensurate to hits and level) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Neurodyne Suppressor (learn about Hubology with this helpful gun that disarms people and bilks them out of money they didn't even know they had) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Freedom Fighter (turn NPCs into suicide bombers that explode when attacked)The Vitrifier (bottle up your foes as frozen-posed figurines in cool little glass jars, and release them when you feel like it...) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • BattleRoidz Blast-R! (spawn a field of asteroids, laser turrets and animatronic aliens to reenact a lame Nuka Galaxy -esque space battle) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Scav! Knife (get cheered on apostrophically by a bunch of raiders when you land hits, and when hitting a corpse, get random loot to the tune of moronic laughs) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Fatal Attraction (shoot an NPC to spawn a random spinning ride, aiming up or down controls the speed zone; crouched, shoot and wait for a bunch of cars to hit your target and everyone else; shoot at self and take a roller coaster ride!) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Dress-Up Teddy (throw at NPCs and... pop! sizzle! wardrobe change!) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Oswald's Wobbledot (throw this smoke bomb used by Oswald the Outrageous to warp the target to a random, and probably dangerous, vantage) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Park Police Positive Pistol (shoot at a humanoid NPC to put them in jail, and, sometimes, temporarily, shackle them to the cage where you can execute them with some degree of impunity) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • High Plains Drifter (wear this, and your Sole Survivor will autopilot to a nearby map marker) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Multicore Processor (if you want a LOT of Star Cores to short out very quickly, and bounce off of other overloaded Star Cores, throw this Star Core.) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Where's the Beef (throwable beef, which creates distended cows, which pop and create worms, completing the Tremors cycle.) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • The Elastic Limit (a paddle ball weapon which pushes and pulls NPCs forward and back) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]
  • Nuka World Souvenir Cup (a throwable paper cup which bursts into a "soda fountain" of Quantum plumes and flying rare Nuka Cola mixes.) [Insecure Beverageer's Lab, near Bradberton]

From Robo Rumble

  • Not A Crook - hit an enemy with this, and a searchlight will train on them, they'll start thrashing the searchlight, and then, boom, execution by random turrets. [Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Boomba! - a flying brain disc, that chooses targets to electrocute[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Face Flattener - plastic surgery and haircuts (crouch), on some hits, out of combat[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Warrior of Io - a friggin steerable orbital laser (move over Archimedes II and Euclid's C-Finder)[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Nonexistence Proof - turns people invisible, until they don't exist anymore[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Stochastic Mergery - transmogrify NPCs[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Revolutionary Brobotics - call forth a small little bro bot, armed to the teeth yet teetery[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Blast From The Past - crouch and throw to record NPCs positions and aliveness in a radius around the explosion, stand and throw to recall these states[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
  • Plus: A remote hacking holotape + a rumble test (e.g. for your XBOX 360 controller) holotape.[Boxcar Stacked Outside RobCo Service Center]
From Il Produttore di Stranezze

  • Pony Pitch - a craftable grenade which when thrown very near an NPC, explodes to spawn a very odd pitching machine, which also launches these Giddyup Buttercups. The grenades produce a random explosion in addition to creating more pitching machines, if the explosion was far enough away. Crouch while activating pitching machine to dismantle.[Myrna's House]
  • Pittsburgh Stealer - shoot at most NPCs to immediately equip their weapon. If you are crouched when the shot hits, the weapon will be in copy mode -- the
  • NPC will still have their weapon equipped.[Myrna's House]
  • Far Go Pack N' Blow - hit an NPC to have a demonic hopper spawn, which will violently and impractically butcher said NPC.[Myrna's House]
  • Insatio Hoardblower - shoot to spawn a giant Junk Mortar, that attempts to pull all the NPCs and loose items in the area into it for at least one shot. The mortar is a bit undersized for Diamond City. If the cannon has recently fired, crouch-activate to start the dismantling process. Only one Hoardblower cannon per area is recommended.[Myrna's House]
  • Pinball Whizzah - shoot at an NPC to turn them into a metal ball, which will be positioned at the top of a small temporary track. Activate the ball to free the hapless NPC. Or don't. They will faithfully roll to follow you in an area. Crouch-shoot to designate another NPC, and the balls will swarm attack them. The balls will follow you until dismissed or disappeared and swarm the last target whenever crouched, regardless of keeping the weapon out.[Myrna's House]
  • Nug Yerp - vaguely like the GLOO cannon from Prey, this "sweded" homage shoots balls you can use for climbing purposes. The balls are also "sticky", disabling
  • any NPC who comes too close until they are activated. You can explode  them for a chain reaction. Crouch-firing this weapon spawns a Mimic, which will attack when  NPCs get too close.[Myrna's House]

From Chicago Typewriter

  • Chicago Typewriter - Paint custom messages all over the Commonwealth, and take the letters down by activating them when you are done.  Melee the weapon to bring up a menu where you can choose the font size, the "typeface", and the letter to shoot.[Abbot's House]

From Form F From Address Space

  • SPAWNDO.COM - Melee to build a "Form F From Address Space" Marquee interface! Shoot to "spawn" objects. [Cooke Residence]

  • You can use the bottom buttons on the front face of the marquee (or the letter display segments they connect with) to enter a 8-hexadecimal-"digit" Form ID used by the game.When you shoot a target or activate the return arrow on the end of the marquee (designating the marquee as the temporary spawn target), something will happen.

    What happens depends on the type of Form pointed to by the ID, and whether your character is crouched.


    If the form is an ObjectReference/RefID (0001A4D7), you can summon the object to you by using the marquee when standing, and create a refrigerator warp door to the object when crouching.
    If the form is a thing (000BD56F) that can be placed in the world but isn't (not a reference), an instance of the object will spawn. (If you are outside, not sneaking, and it is possibly susceptible to gravity, it may be delivered to you by "airmail".)
    If the form is a sound (0019ECE8), the sound will be played in 3D at the spawning point.
    If the form is weather (000DB2A1), the ambient weather will be changed.
    An invalid form should net you a buzzer noise. (Note: User placed items are generally assigned high-order form IDs, and the game doesn't cleanly retrieve those forms, e.g. with the MSB set, 0x80 and beyond.)

    If the form is something that can be added to or done to a thing (hereafter the "Victim"), like an EffectShader, it will be added to the Victim if you are standing, and removed if crouched.
    For example, you can set Nat on fire visually by storing her as the Victim (entering 00002f21 and pressing the PRID function button on the marquee's side), and entering the FireHazard effect ID (00231F8A).

    Several other function buttons exist:
    There's a button to (attempt to) find the closest reference (to the last spawn target) of the form on the display, or the closest NPC (crouched).
    There's a button to toggle the existence of a reference, or the AI processing of a NPC (crouched).
    There's a button to get rid of the marquee (crouched), or zero out the display segments (useful).

  • Polymorphic Fireus - melee while crouched to drop this gun. A copy of it is placed on the ground. Pick up the copy. Equip it. Melee again (*WHILE STANDING, as many times as you like) to cycle through countless different weapon mod, ammo, and sound combinations. Copy the ones you like to the ground to use later. Note that most combos will be useless and/or suicidal. [Cooke Residence]
  • Ad Terram! - Call a BoS airship which will attempt power armor insertion of heavy weapons shock troopers. This may not be such a healthy idea if you are enemies with the Brotherhood (see "friendship", above).[Cooke Residence]
  • Ill-Logic B.O.M.B. - Save before using this one, because this is a entropy bomb that enduringly, sluggishly reorganizes the world around you. You can use it to LITERALLY figuratively "destroy" Diamond City, once and for all. Exercise extreme caution because statics are loaded in a way that requires quitting out of the game session.[Cooke Residence]
From Angle of Mercy

  • Desktop Gun - Melee to place a Desktop Gun node. You can change ammo (to your own gun's current ammo) and lock or push settings at the terminal. Firing the gun while crouched designates a target for all nearby nodes, which swivel their guns to aim at the impact spot. Firing while standing tells all nearby guns to fire, fusillade style.[Codman Residence]
  • Ghost Iron In The Sky - Gun that shoots a bullet which makes a flying, flaming gun which shoots bullets capriciously at hapless bystanders.[Codman Residence]
  • Elevator Pitch - Portable elevator pellet, spawns pod which is controlled when player  is near center pad and crouched. Look up to go up, down to go down, and around to go around. If there is minimal elevation or azimuth change, the pod will go forward in current direction. Great for sniping. Activate to bring to current level, crouch-activate to destroy.[Codman Residence]
  • Stacktotem Overflow - Creepy head that turns into a bigger creepy head which builds a human totem pole. When the head is shot enough, it will spin around and toss molotovs out its mouth, explode like a volcano, and lob the NPCs around like fireworks. Crouch while using for a much lamer effect.[Codman Residence]
  • Crow-verwatch - A bird feeder thrown to spawn 4 chatty varieties of robocrow. They fly around from perch to perch tossing energy weapons fire around chaotically. Crouch to let them lob grenades when near targets and awayish from the player.[Codman Residence]
  • Snack Trace - cart throwable at NPCs, induces Hansel/Gretel junk food trail droppings. Activate food to follow trail while crouched, to blow it up (freezer burn?) while not.[Codman Residence]
  • Remote Hewing - crouch and swing to try to acquire a target, swing while standing to attempt a telekinetic kill of them. Use in third person if you really must get a camera view "somewhere near" the victim (n.b. FO4's engine randomly takes quite unkindly to its own camera switching function).[Codman Residence]
  • Need A Light? - Giant, potentially painful cigarette which bounces around spawning hobo fire barrels where there isn't much light to illumine dark places.[Codman Residence]

From Reduced Fare

  • Kids Eat Free - We always knew those Little Lampblighters were using the whole Cave Fungus thing as a cover for their factually really direct cannibalism. Throw this and you'll spawn a kill-"ABLE" child, who will murder and nibble on NPCs in their own time (might wanna spawn a good number of 'em and still wait). If you are crouched, they will stealth out a little bit, which old school European edition Fallout 2 players might appreciate.[Pembroke Residence]
  • [email protected] - Plop, flop, & roll! Shoot while crouched to spawn a sequence of numbered waypoints. Shoot an NPC while standing to have them dragged and flung VERY inefficiently along the path. Their ragdoll will certainly not appreciate you, and neither will yours if you aim at your feet! Melee to banish the waypoints. If you fire this a lot, there will be a lot of spastic flying about, oh yes.[Pembroke Residence]
  • Threat Bus Stop - Throw this to spawn a sedan that you could pretend is a taxi or one of those chartered small car "school buses" you might see in "IRL" Boston. Crouch while throwing to get an actual school bus. The vehicle will look for riders, (greedily) plan a route, and pick up the passengers to deliver them (most likely alive) to the bus stop origin.[Pembroke Residence]
  • Voodoo Chess Club - No fighting in the war room. Throw this to spawn an interactive map/campaign table. The table will scan for new NPCs. When it finds them, they will get a Vault Boy "voodoo doll" to represent them on the table, which will be updated pretty slowly. Tracked dolls can be warped to (activate while crouching) or picked up and dragged around (touch while standing to unlock and then Grab -- releasing the doll on the table will translate the NPC!). The dolls can also be destroyed (e.g. with the railway rifle). If you are inside or crouching, a destroyed doll will telefrag the NPC. If not, an air raid siren will sound and a nuke will be launched at the NPC. If you touch the table while standing, the map will be "zoomed" (through 2 bigger sizes, possibly getting to at least "4 times as big"); crouching dismantles the map. [Getting around to releasing this one was definitely not egged on by Fallout 76.][Pembroke Residence]

From Papyrus Computer Club

  • Gun.Runner() - You shoot the gun while crouched to spawn a LecTerm (a makeshift terminal with in-world keyboard and display array made of paper card
  • stationery), and while not crouched at NPCs to run your currently active program on them. See that mod's page for programming and LecTerm operation instructions.[Diamond City Radio]

From Goodfeelas II: Hypnic Hullaballoo

  • Waven Wawk - Throw this to spawn a "Hero" Jukebox (that's AA-&-MBA-speak for the best-selling model of course) which will dispense colored light and droning darkish ambient instrumental music across the area (for mellowest results, view outdoors at night). Most NPCs will do some random, happening-related animations, and you will too, unless you are sneaking, which spares you from the peer pressure of the party atmosphere. Festival apparatus should disappear when you are far away from the area. Activate the jukebox to turn off its radio, and crouch-activate it to jump time towards night.[Colonial Taphouse]
  • Emotional Anchor - Swing while looking either directly up or directly down to scroll through different facial emotions (angry, flirty, sad, etc.) for NPCs to express when you hit them at a normal (i.e. head-on) view elevation. Do this while crouched to select through and apply whole-body mood styles (like Sheffield's depressed style).[Colonial Taphouse]
From Avoid the Crazy Chicken Underground

  • Utopia Incorporator - shoot at the ground to spawn a giant rent-collecting computer which delegates collections and enforcement operations to a small fleet of fast Mr. Handys armed to the teeth with eviction rays and flamethrowers for those naughty tenants.[Arturo's House]
  • Feel the Burn! - shoot this at an eligible NPC to force them to work out on various exercise equipment - on fire - until they die.[Arturo's House]
  • You Have to Leave - shoot at an eligible NPC to spawn in a Vault door, which will open, exposing the NPC to a hail of minigun fire from a small
  • trooper squad.[Arturo's House]
  • Many-Armed Bandit Problem - shoot in the general direction of a bunch of NPCs to spawn slot machines which randomly arm them with weapons and then frenzy them, for a nice all-out riot.[Arturo's House]
  • FEV Hydrant - hit a human NPC to make them into a Super Mutant you can pretend is tethered to the Master, or hit while crouched to attempt ghoulification.[Arturo's House; upstairs]
  • Manne-kind Collided - shoot at the ground to spawn several mannequins in the air, which can hit an NPC on the head to kill them slowly and creepily.[Arturo's House]
  • Poisonberry Pie - a "Junk" item which you can drop outside near people. If you are patient, from time to time an NPC will "smell" the pie and come to pick it off the
  • ground and "eat" it. Then they will die. This is basically a revival of Oblivion's Dark Brotherhood Poisoned Apples.[Arturo's House; downstairs, after returning]
  • GECK Gun - shoot at the ground to nuke in a GECK Jr. Briefcase. The GECK Jr. works as a portable settlement so that you can build where you
  • want within a small radius. Once you've left the area for a while, the GECK Jr. will be gone, but you can shoot it somewhere else.[Arturo's House]
  • SEBOV Inoculator - shoot at an NPC to infect them with a slow (over the course of multiple game days!) acting virus. If you remain in the cell, even when sleeping, the virus will spread and irrevocably infect any poor humans who aren't wearing a special PPE suit.[Arturo's House]

From Fisher of Men

  • Fisher of Men - Throw to spawn dead fish that will swarm around following a Boids model of large radius. The fish will recruit all nearby NPCs into their "flock". While you are crouched, the swarm will orient and move towards you. While you are standing, the model will determine the group's next movements. If you are a pretty good VATS shot, this can be a fun form of Duck-Hunt style skeet shooting.[Dr. Sun's House]

Saltatory Conduction

  • H. Kelloggi - Throw to spawn a nerve bundle that can be activated to go to The Nerve Center, a special warp zone. An entangled/corresponding bundle/ball which can return you to the source location will be present there, but will shoot up in the sky every few seconds. Warps you use more often will result in the ball weights increasing, meaning that the warp will be easier to use (it won't fly as high). Crouch-activating a warp ball in the ordinary world will set off an explosion, and then the link will eventually be decommissioned.[Mega Surgery Operating Basement, in the Nerve Center]

From Mirelurk Merchant

  • Minerlurk Seed - Throw to spawn a Minerlurk, which will place mines in the shape of an L-System (a rewriting scheme mostly used to draw fractals). You can crouch-melee to bring up a menu that will allow you to set the minetype (egg, turret, or custom/arbitrary inventory item), specify whether the mines have physics or are coarsely separated, or are hostile to you, etc. You can also change the L-system used. There are 10 L-systems (including Sierpinski, Peano, Gosper, and Koch curves).[bought from Mirelurk Merchant, residing under Dr. Crocker's House / Diamond City Waterfront in Sheng's Lagoon, or on floating house south of Spectacle Island after first meeting]

From The Hitchhiker's Gown at the End of the World

  • Hitchhiker's Gown - Wear to periodically be warped to a random object in a random indoor location in base Fallout 4 so that you can play the game's corridor shooting in a random-access style, best used before you have murdered everything in the world. If you stay crouched, outdoor locations are eligible, too. Keep in mind that a lot of the objects in Fallout 4 are concentrated inside (sometimes a very few) interiors.[Earl Sterling's House]

From Garbage Deflector

  • Ring of Poor Aimbot - while you are in combat and have a gun out, wearing this ring will take over your camera. The effect is not generally good enough to be useful.[Choice Chops]
  • Ring of Someclip - While equipped, you will move in the direction you are looking in bursts. Intended as a poor man's noclip substitute for Xbox players. [Choice Chops]
  • BlueChicken's Ring of Viewing - inspired by BlueDev's Ring of Viewing in Bloodmoon, this ring allows you to view the SPECIAL and Intro/Outro movies at will.[Choice Chops]
  • Ring of Shitegeist - Wear to be able to possess clutter, dropped inventory objects, and moveable props (e.g. traffic pylons, Nuka Cola bottles, Gauss rifles). If you have no weapon or fists out, and you Grab an object, you will possess it. The camera will follow the item around and the item will periodically jump. A red targeting reticle will show where the item is aimed. If you press Spacebar/Jump, the object will be flung farther on future steps. If you crouch, the object and camera should come to a complete stop. If you press Jump at this point, the flinging distance should be decreased. Look either up or down all the way while NOT stopped to dis-possess the object. [Choice Chops]

From The Maze Ruiner

  • Hedge-Row Bustler - Shoot while crouched to create a gate to a special hedge maze that is randomly generated. You wait for the maze to load, and then control buttons in an area far above the maze allow you to place enemies, explosions, and warp around. Also regenerate the maze. Shoot an NPC in the maze to evict them, and outside of the maze to recall them... [Valentine's Detective Agency]
  • Enzapment - Shoot to spawn a laser ball vertex. A bundle of them in an area will shoot low-powered lasers at each other. If you crouch before shooting, a randomly subsampled laser sphere will be created so that you don't have to do the work. Activating a vertex allows it to cycle up and down so that you can coarsely move it up and down in the sky, and re-activating locks it in place. [Valentine's Detective Agency]

From Falling Down

  • Falling Down - Throw to spawn a giant falling block game with familiar rules. Each non-initial first block attempts to pluck an NPC from the environment and drop them from above the top of the board, probably killing them. A line clear creates an explosion at eligible NPCs for each tile cleared in the line. A game over blows up the board tile by tile. Control the translation of a falling block by looking either to the left, right, or center of the board. Control the rotation by using the D-FENS Gun to rotate a block (opposite direction if crouched). [Kellogg's House]

And, for extra fun, see if you can spot the very passing and highly pointless oblique pop culture references to, inter alia:

Splatoon, Prey, Anchorman, Neil Young, Breakfast of Champions, The Crimson Permanent Assurance, DOOM, the CoS, Dune, Borderlands, The Old Testament, Deepwater Horizon, "Ghoul Power Armor", Asimov's Laws of Robotics, AlChestBreach, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 30 October 1974, The Hardy Boys, Jaws, Home Alone, Goldeneye, Contra, Woody Guthrie, Super Mario RPG, Tex Murphy, Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds", Overwatch, The Who, iRobot, Blast From The Past, Heinlein, Portal, Cash For Clunkers, Perfect Dark, Arrested Development, Paperboy (NES), S.T. Coleridge's "Kubla Khan", Rossum's Universal Robots, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Death Race 2000, Twitch Plays Pokemon, Rocky Horror Picture Show (and its unwatched "equal", Shock Treatment), Turok, Metropolis, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Studio Ghibli, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 21 March 2003, Punch-Out!!, Aarne-Thompson classification, ZOMBO.COM, John Henry, Uber, Mad Max, the landmine crisis, Zardoz, Dire Straits, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Ekman's face research, one of the less good songs by The Rolling Stones, Ebola, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, black hole astrophysics, MIT's Building 43, Marty Robbins, The Sons of Liberty, George Thorogood, Austin Powers, Star Trek: TOS & TNG, Broken Lizard's Club Dread, Final Destination, Fatal Attraction, Team America: World Police, StarCraft, Looney Tunes, the Command & Conquer series (Generals, RA2, Tiberian Sun), AVGN, Deus Ex (& The Malkavian Mod, possibly the best mod in computer history), Nester's Funky Bowling, Pittsburghese, Team Rocket, Half-Life 2(: Episode Two), Halo 2, phrasal templates, UNDERTALE, Guns N Roses, Belinda Carlisle, Talking Heads,  Horatio Hornblower, R.N., K19: The Widowmaker, Futurama, Cannonball Run, The Three Musketeers, Frank Zappa's rock opera "Joe's Garage", South Park, the Rez Trance vibrator attachment, Mortal Kombat, Starship Troopers, The Men Who Stare At Goats, Adventure Thru Inner Space, Fantastic Voyage, measure theory, The Wizard of Oz, METAL GEAR (Solid), The Police, Taken, The Simpsons, The Price is Right, Zone Troopers, the National Security Agency, Shaun of the Dead, Irvine, CA. (the birthplace of Fallout, but also Blizzard & Westwood Pacific games), Todd Howard, Minecraft, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Bioshock Infinite, The Venture Bros., Armed & Dangerous, Saints Row, Real Genius, BattleZone 98, Zager & Evans, Fahrenheit 451, High Plains Drifter, A Canticle for Leibowitz, Tremors, Wendy's, EGOSOFT's X3:TC, Mass Effect, The Postman (and maybe kinda Waterworld), Karate Kid,  Breakin' 2, the Van Buren design doc, Cannibal! The Musical, Ghostbusters, Zork, Elvis, The Homebrew Computer Club, Bubble Bobble, Mechwarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, and, of course, a handful of Fallout and TES games and their DLC.

VR Compatibility Note: This mod is partially compatible with Fallout 4 VR (i.e. it looks pretty cool on my Vive).
Unfortunately, certain changes in the engine for that release prevent some of the weapons from working. Specifically, the scripting functions to get elevation angle and capture weapon melee events no longer work properly in FO4VR, so weapons that depend on them (SPAWNDO.COM, Scaleo Diet, the Portal Gun etc. in this mod) will not work unless a solution to this problem appears. Also, presumably to avoid motion sickness, knockback of the player which is severe (e.g. Propulso 5000 aimed at your feet) is broken functionality. The game appears to load assets a little differently; for example, my build had some sound-file-related issues with the Vuvuzewaspz weapon as well. I am committed to a full FO4VR release in the unlikely event the developers can offer some feasible workarounds.