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This mod disperses DLC weapons throughout all three maps, adds a new muzzle attachment for laser weapons, and randomizes weapon attachments.

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This mod adds a new laser gun attachment, called the physical beam amplifier, to the weapons workbench and leveled lists of Fallout 4. This attachment changes the standard laser projectile into the space laser projectile. The tradeoff is a projectile lead time for more damage. 
You can pick the attachment off the weapons of dead NPCs who had the attachment or craft it yourself via the weapons workbench so long as you meet the specified requirements listed on the onscreen UI.

This mod also shakes up the attachment system, allowing you to find more randomized guns on NPCs than you normally would. 

What this doesn't do is apply attachments that break the gun; all the attachments applied are attachments that belong to the gun they are built on. This mod also disperses DLC weapons throughout all the maps; You can now find Lever Action Rifles, Western Revolvers, and Handmade Rifles on any map. Also Radium Rifles can be found on any Children of Atom.

Requires Far Harbor and Nuka World.