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Translation of fashion on the Russian language.
Homesteaders - settlers willing to invest a little more time and energy in their homes. There has been a certain stability brought to the Commonwealth, and the homesteaders are looking to rebuild more than simple shacks and rickety wooden structures.

Permissions and credits
Requires Version 2.1.7 or Greater of Sim Settlements
and Far Harbor DLC

NOTICE:  v4.0+ now requires Far Harbor DLC

Contents (Newest changes in yellow)

New Settlement Leaders:
  • Honest Dan (WIP - Unfortunately, since Bethesda "killed him off" after his quest line he's non-functional ... for now.)

New Interior Plots:
  • Agricultural Hydroponics Farm - produces 3/9/15 food at a cost of 2/4/6 power
  • Commercial Brothel (Choice Only plan - won't randomly build)
  • Commercial "Prime Meats" - Butcher L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor)
  • Commercial "Bar None" - Bar L1 (Custom Bar Vendor w/a few signature cocktails)
  • Industrial "Water Recycler" - L1 provides 33% purified water, L2: 66%, L3: 100%  ( Reduced Power costs for L2 and L3 slightly)
  • Industrial "Glass Recycler"  - Produces mostly glass, some crystal, some ceramic, and rarely fiber optics.
  • Industrial "Explosives Lab" - Produces some Molotov Cocktails, a few grenades and some experimental explosives for settlement.

New Homes:
  • 2 Brick Houses (13 Level 1 variants, 4 Level 3 variants)
  • Park House w/Gardens 

New Shops:
  • Masonry Store (General Vendor)
  • Butcher L1 (Custom Meat & BBQ Vendor), Deli L2 (Custom Deli Vendor w/14 new food items!) 

New Industrial
  • Gravel Pit (Provides cement and occasional rare minerals)

New Martial:
  • 2x2 Heavy Tower (Beta L3) -- Beta: Missile Turrets should be plot powered, let me know if settler never uses mounted minigun
  • 2x2 Gatehouse (L1/L2)
  • 1x1 Sniper Tower 

New Recreational:
  • Interior Brothel
  • Roman Bath (L1) -- Added Roman Bath L2 - slowly heals rads and health
  • Aquarium
    • Requires a little bit more food than a Residential plot (to feed the creatures) but provides a little meat: Angler, Haddock, Mackerel, Hermit Crab, Fog Crawler. 
    • Random aquarium creatures and occasional floating dead fish.

New Agricultural:

  • Fish Farm (Provides Mackerel, Haddock, and Prawns and Hermit Crab meat). 
    1. New Recipes: Seafood Chowder, Prawn Kabob,Haddock Kabobs, Grilled Haddock, Braised Mackerel
    2. Level 3 Adds Custom Fishmonger Vendor
    3. Harvestable Fish Nets
    4. Fishmonger sometimes sells Fish Bones, Fish Glue and Fish Fertilizer

New VIP Stories: 0

New Craftable:
Harvestable Fish Nets - Provides Mackerel, Haddock, and Prawns and Hermit Crab meat

Building Features

Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes
Randomized Clutter: Yes
Randomized Interiors: Yes


Modder Props: 
  • Mortar Mixer
  • Haddock Kabob
  • Prawn Kabob

Future Plans/Ideas:

  • Apiary - bee farm - honey/sugar/recipes
  • Rain Catcher Water Plant
  • Recreational Park/Garden
  • Auto/Motorcycle Repair Shop
  • Home Furnishings Store
  • Bakery/Food processing related
  • Undertaker - gather and auto-loot settlement bodies, place loot in container
  • ???

Thanks to: