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Adds several new camouflage paintjobs to the Automatron Robots.

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Three New Camos in 1.1! Look at the later entries in the Images tab for details

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for other parts of the project


This mod adds some more paint options for the Automatron Robots. At the moment, the following camo patterns are included:

  • ABU
  • ACU
  • Desert DPM
  • Woodland DPM
  • Winter DPM
  • MTP
  • NWU (new in 1.1)
  • Flecktarn (new in 1.1)
  • Tropentarn (new in 1.1)

These options are available for all Robots, with the exception of the Factory Mr Handy, and work for the Raider and Construction armor as well as the factory options.

Future Content

Likely coming soon
  • Mr Handy Textures

Theoretical future content
  • More Camos- I would prefer to have all camo options available for all 6 armor sets, 4 (or maybe 5 if I can do the Hellfire Armor) Power Armors, the Pip-Boy, and 10 weapons. But in the unlikely event I actually manage this, I'll consider adding more options.
  • Chinese Stealth Armor- considering this as a side project.

I don't have any compatibility patches with other mods planned, but it should be noted that if another mod reuses Automatron's default textures, as many of them do, this mod will work with it. For example, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that parts from the Securiton mod and M's Automatron Parts Collection showed my camouflage textures automatically.

Known Issues

The MTP Protectron Textures have weird colours. A fix for this can be found in the "Updates" section

Sister mods

This mod is part of what is (hopefully) going to become a larger series. The other instalments can be found by clicking on the images here: