MMP4APA - Minuteman Paint for ALL Power Armors (Gray or Blue) by invock
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Added: 27/11/2015 - 06:48PM
Updated: 27/01/2017 - 02:31PM

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Last updated at 14:31, 27 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 18:48, 27 Nov 2015

FINALLY ! The Minutemen get the treatment they deserve and their logo can now ornate your Power Armor with no model restriction (the Minuteman paint is oddly restricted to the T45 armor in vanilla).

This mod comes in two flavors :
  1. The "Vanilla gray" version, made to match with the original Minuteman Paint for the T45 Power Armor.
  2. Or the "Minuteman blue" version, inspired by the Minutemen flag.

This mod doesn't replace anything, it is ESP based and adds its own paints to the game.


(it's like TV, but on the Internet !) (Wow !)





> Compatibility

>> This mod is built around a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ESP that only adds new Power Armor paints to the game and doesn't modify any core feature. Even though it might not work with mods offering new Power Armor features, they will not conflict. MMP4APA is theoretically 100% compatible with any mod you can throw at it.

> Did you create your ESPs with TESVSnip/FalloutSnip ?

>> No I didn't. I know about the current controversy surrounding this tool, but I assure you I never used it (I don't even know how it works anyway). My ESPs were created thanks to the amazing Standalone Power Armor Paint Compiler, created and shared by Expired6978. They've been fine-tuned with FO4Edit.

> Can I use the gray AND blue versions together ?

>> YES ! Each version has its own dedicated esp, so you can totally use both versions at the same time.

> Could you please do the same mod for [Faction X] ?
>> Once I'm done with the blue version of this mod, I plan on working on the other factions. I would like to do the Railroad next (Update : It's out ! Check the "Related mods" section). I made the Minutemen first because they are my favorite faction so far.

> Could you please make a green/red/yellow/pink/rainbow/[...] version ?
>> I'm sorry, but I won't. Two reasons :
  1. I don't want to spend more time on this mod than I should. I have other mods to attend to (currently working on the Atom Cats and BoS) and this mod's reason to exist is to make a paint available for every Power Armor models, period. I made the blue version ONLY because I felt this paint should be matching the Minutemen flag.
  2. I don't want this mod to become exponentially large. I try not to exceed a 50MB limit for my files and I wish to keep it that way. There's a lot of mods out there on the Nexus and only so much space on our hard-drives.
>> HOWEVER, you're very welcome if you want to create your own textures and put them on the Nexus. Contact me, I don't bite (most of the time), and I'll be more than happy to see your creations. Check the "Friends' Mods" section to see what's been done so far.

> Should I download your Minutemen Blue - T45 Power Armor recolor with this mod ?
>> Even though they are not incompatible (in the sense they will not make your game crash), I recommend NOT TO. The T45 Power Armor recolor replaces the base game T45 MM paint. You can imagine the kind of unhappy mix this could generate.


[----> WORK IN PROGRESS ! <----]
All help is very welcome, contact me if you have any suggestion/solution.

To-do list :
  • Blue Version (OUT NOW !)
  • Find how to add "Minuteman" to the Armor part name when the paint is applied. (DONE !)
  • Find how to add the Charisma bonus when all parts are painted. (DONE !)
  • Find how to lock access to the paints if the player has not joined the Minutemen. (DONE !)
  • Find how to add the proper amount of weight when the paint is applied (currently set to 1, should be 0.8).
  • Find how to add 10 caps to resell value once the part is painted.
  • Listen and answer to suggestions in the comment section.

Changelog :
  • 0.51b : Major bug resoved >> the game doesn't crash anymore if you try to "Transfer" anything to a Power Armor painted with this mod (My thanks to xXPadelXx for the early report).
  • 0.55b : The "Minuteman Blue" Version is out ! >> Enjoy it !
  • Version 0.95b : MAJOR RELEASE !!
  • >> The paints are only available if you've joined the Minutemen.
    >> The armor parts now get tagged with "Minuteman".
    >> The Charisma bonus is properly applied when all parts are painted !!
    >> Revamped textures for the T51 (Gray and Blue).
    -thanks for your advice, Gunship 97 -
  • Version 0.96b : FOMOD installer + new "No Logo" Option.
  • Version 0.965b : T45 gray version gets a "No Logo" option too.


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[Alternative textures]
Oldwolfe released a complete line of new textures for the Minutemen, including a new brown Power Armor paint for MMP4APA (replacing the Vanilla Gray version). See all the details here > Oldwolfe's Minutemen Re-Done Plus.

[Independent mods]

is currently working on a similar line of mods, I strongly encourage you to go check his work and pick your favorite.
To sum things up, I try to stick to the vanilla appearance, while Jamie takes more liberties. The ESPs he uses are his own, also created with the standalone Power Armor compiler.
All our textures have been carefully named in order not to overwrite each-other, his mods are entirely compatible with mine :


Manual Installation:

  • Open fallout4.ini (Located here: [...]\Documents\My Games\Fallout4)
  • Edit "sResourceDataDirsFinal" as follow :>> sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\, MATERIALS\,  TEXTURES\
  • Unzip the "Data" file into your Fallout 4 installation folder (Located here : [...]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\)
  • Select "Yes" if prompted to merge or overwrite.
  • Finally enable the esp file (MMP4APA.esp) either via the launcher or with your mod loader/manager.


Credits and Thanks :

> Expired6978 for his amazing Standalone Power Armor Paint Compiler.
>> A HUGE THANK YOU to Jamie1992 who helped me understanding how said compiler worked.
>> Cyden, who by a simple comment actually helped me find a lot of source values. Sometimes a soft push is all you need to make everything move.
> Every single genius behind [url=http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2737/?]FO4Edit. You guys rock !

>>> And of course, thank you to all the people who downloaded this mod, commented and gave advice. Everything you can say is precious to me, and I'm perfectly open to any suggestion or criticism, so please don't be shy !