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flatens sunshine tidings and removes cabins

Permissions and credits
-Flattens Sunshine Tidings
-Removes all buildings, clutter and trees/shrubs from  build area
-Keeps Feelsgood and his patrol route
-Keeps enemy ghouls to prevent issues with quests or settlement claiming
-Wasteland Survival Guide relocated to desk next to Feelsgood pc
-Fixed settlement border to reflect flat land 
-Fived Navmesh to reflect No building and land changes
-I made this mod for myself so i can use Sunshine Tidings NCR Base by Dapple92 but i thought someone else would appreciate it since i couldn't find the original mod Dapple used to flatten land
-Let me know if you're having issues with the mod. only edited a few external cells. The attached mesh is required for the settlement border.

**update** Added two different versions of the mod that remove the grass because it was bugging the living hell out of me. Bald version tries to maintain the original ground textures as much as possible while removing the grass. Second version retextures everything to be the forest ground texture. Very generic and following the settlement outline.**

***Added a version that lowers the ground by 2 points making it as flush as i could with some barrels in Dapples NCR base. The warehouse building is about 4 or 5 levels higher than the floor around it so I've had to slope it, the next best thing i could do is completely flatten the ground and bring that whole middle warehouse deal flush to the ground so let me know if you guys would like that . I kind of prefer the slope but I'm having issues with some of the items Dapple placed being buried near the warehouse so i might make it flush anyway*done* ***

****Added Dead Flat version. Lowers ground and warehouse to be completely flush with some barrels in Dapple's NCR base. BEWARE: Even though i made changes to the workbenches location in the CreationKit i was unable to see the changes made to the workbench on any of my existing saves so the workbench would be floating about knee height. A new save game would work just fine but i was unable to make it work for my existing saves. Updated Navmesh to reflect changes****

**make sure you have the updated file**

 *'ll try to make different all one floor textures that are a bit more cleaner but I've ran into issues painting across cells*