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A rebuild of Fort Independence into a true Castle

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A restoration of Fort Independence under the control of the Minutemen.  The settlement is a more traditional castle/town plan, with the Fort itself being a military installation with the town surrounding it.

The interior of the fort has three exterior industrial plots.  I'd recommend a power, water and ammunition plant.  There are also commercial, recreational and industrial interior plots in the walls.  The bastion rooms are used for two "barracks" with residential plots and one as an infirmary.  There are two exterior buildings, one houses the workbench, but is otherwise largely up for the player to use as they see fit.  The other is a growing building that surrounds the radio tower.  It is intended to be the Minutemen HQ.  It includes the radio, two interior martial plots, the city planners desk as well as a small apartment for the General.

As for the walls, the walkways have been remade for patrol but they will be rebuilt with whatever stone is on hand, or can be had by Brahmin-power.

The exterior is a small, but evolving town, It should grow to surround the walls, providing a true town.

This mod does nor REQUIRE* anything other than Sim Settlements and Rise of the Commonwealth.  I do recommend some of the add-ons, specifically;

Industrial City

JtBryant's Utilities
Driveables of the Commonwealth - Boats

The Garage at Level 3 is mean for this mod.