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Age of Airships is a mod that brings the experience of the golden age of rigid airships, the 20s and 30s of the 20th century into Fallout 4. A dozen airships, a cruiser and thematic mission will bring you into a different time, while at the same time serving as a player house and in-game transport.

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AGE OF AIRSHIPS 1.1 Released!!!
List of New Contents:
- Yamato battleship
- Hosho Carrier
- Izokaze Destroyer
- N3 Airship
- N5 Airship
- U69 Submarine
- Hanashima Isle Settlement
List of Fixes
- Fixed Openable utility Doors
- Fixed item offsets
- Fixed Akron Texture
- Fixed R100/Akron Interior texture
- Car wheels re-texture
- Far Harbor Doors removed
- Hindenburg piano is simple and aluminium.
- Spelling details in some historical descriptions
- Fixed Interior texturing of the envelope areas.
- Fixed Dirty NPC faces  
- Fixed weapon items for civilians in OmerthaAriport
- Separated Graff Zeppelin into 2 cells = Improved Optimisation

Far Harborand Nuka World DLCs ... For now. As the mod finishes its grind up stage withbugs I plan to place WW1 weapon mods of the community. But first and foremost, I want to provide for the PS4 community that is constantly being denied quality content cause of Sony, then we'll get the candy, ok?

I neverfelt so satisfied of such a simple instruction:
"Justplop that .esp file into your data, enable in the game menu" The end

1. Explore eight Rigid Airships floating around the game world. Half of which being reconstructions of historical airships. Use 3 of them as functional Player Homes. Explore the famous Hindenburg and see how the World's Largest airship looked on the inside. Travel instantly using their network of doorways hidden behind miniature model displays.

2. Fight in three battlefield 1 inspired combat encounters with Behemoth airships.

3. Enjoy the three missions thematically inspired with the 20s and 30s in one mafia 1 inspired mission, Russian revolution, fight your way and steal a WW1 cruiser as a 4th Player House.

Agamemnon: The main hub of the mod, biggest airship in the mod, a fictional flying Titanic. Use it's set of transports to get across the Commonwealth, it's also the transport hub for all missions and all other airships of the mod. Achilles and Heracles: Sister hubs ships, fictional, used to travel across Far Harbor and Nuka World.

Achilles & Heracles: Smaller pocket versions of the Agamemnon serving only as transport hubs for Nuka World and Far Harbor.

Red Rose: Peak of luxury, fictional hotel airship, providing as a small non-workshop Player House.

USS Akron: Historical reconstruction of the World's first ever  flying aircraft carrier. Simple Player Home with Workshop and no luxuries.

LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin: Full on Player Home placed in a historical airship that could be considered the greatest success of rigid airships. Not fully historical reconstruction as it is fitted to be a Player Home, the real thing was far more... mundane.

R100: Full on Player Home placed in a Historical, first airship of the British Empire. Here I tried to be a bit more accurate in the reconstruction, but still it has a lot of stuff that you wouldn't find aboard the real article cause again it's meant to be fitted for this game.

USS Caldera: A historically inspired WW1 military cruiser ship (St. Louis Class, Emden, IJN Mikasa). This ship is the reward for the Caldera Heist mission. You must first pass the mission to unlock it. The ship serves as a workshop Player House. Another ship providing rough, falloutish Player Hosue environment. Lots of empty spaces for what you want to place inside.

LZ-129 Hindenburg
is a historical museum reconstruction, here I tried to be as accurate as I can in the reconstruction, and the price is obvious on several fronts, besides the mundane looks and absolute miscellaneous functionality of a location that is on the sidelines of the mod it also has to have swastikas. WHICH YOU DON'T NEED TO SEE, they are disabled by default and you have a choice to turn them on using a switch (watch video presentation).

Swastika issue disclaimer: This is a historical museum airship reconstruction, it makes a tiny % of the mod, which is the only mod of mine out of dozens that never contained any controversy, it doesn't promote nor has any neo-nazi contexts, the mod doesn't exist for the sole purpose of showing swastikas, and most importantly YOU HAVE A CHOICE. I call this a fair and mature balance designed to provide for both fans of Historical Accuracy and PC Ethics within the borders of this websites rules. I humbly ask the community to respect this level of care so please let's just STFU about the issue. I'll be using handy comment removal to any neo-nazi vs PC fighter toxicity conflicts.

- Will you make a junk ship? ... Maybe. Why is everybody a Hobo-fetishist around here?

- I've seen Double-Airships from Order 1886 on the screens where are they? In a never released patch for Atomguard. They are simple constructs not difficult to recreate in-game. I did gave that patch to the current developer of Atomguard Continued so ask him.

- Will there be more missions? Hell yeah, I already plan out to make a Spanish Civil War mission and some British vs Ottoman Battle.  

- Can I fly the airships? No they're just static objects that create a doorway network. You find a way to animate some ... 200 separate models in CK you let me know though.

- Can I shoot them down and make em burn? No, there is not enough Dakka in the world that'll burn them. It's such a pretty thing why would you wanna burn it anyway?

The mod relies critically on vanilla textures and materials  to re-texture items within the scope of vanilla resources. Because of that any mod that alters textures may affect how the mod looks. Dark Institute pack will be the bane of the mod. I've also seen how some HD texture packs affect how USS Akron's canvas looks. As I start implementing custom resources for the mod this issue will be resolved.

This also refers to mods that mess with vanilla models as well

Mods that put anything in the vanilla game world like settlement expanders or you can workshop anywhere mods may cause issues with vertibird transports. I mean there's like a bajillion other mods for this game adding a ton of stuff, I can't be expected to check each one to see where I can/can't put em.  

- Prydwen's interior hull is pathetically small compared to real-world airships so in the mod they are much bigger. Accidental falling off the scaffolding may result in you sinking halfway your body into the canvas cause the collision box ain't spot on in the game. But you can still jump your way outta there.

- Workshops seem finicky, there are 4 of them all linked to a universal workshop so despite me doing it right it can still say "You must clear out the enemies to use workshop" in several ships. There is no rule for it it seems like you must choose 2 favourite airships to have as houses then the workshop bugs out.

-When stealing Caldera using the captains wheel remember to use it once. It is a basic-script switch to turn it on and off. You'll know if it worked right by looking at the map behind the wheel if there is an invisible TP doorway there you did it right... AND STAY AWAY FROM THAT STEERING WHEEL from then on.