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Take radiation damage from sun exposure!

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New: Updated for Horizon 1.5 +

This mod will make you take radiation damage from sun exposure! I was definitely inspired by Gas Masks of the Wasteland. What I wanted is something simple, light weight and wont have any compatibility issues with anything. I've made two versions, one for Vanilla Fallout and one for Horizon.

Use Radiation Sound Removal if the sound of the rads ticking irritates you!

If you like this check out my other mod Acid Rain.

Why did I make this?

I wanted to add a bit of fun and urgency to exploration and maybe some relief when you finally make it to a destination. I didn't go overboard with the radiation effects. I really wanted this to have a subtle (yet still noticeable) impact on a playthrough. I wanted even more of a reason to suit up with some radiation resistant gear.

How to Start:

To get the new effects you must craft the Geiger Counter. Once crafted the Geiger Counter will be found in the Apparel section of your pip boy. Equip it like any clothing item and your good to go...or not good to go, cause you might be taking rads now... Don't worry, the Geiger Counter does not take up any armor slot whatsoever. I figured this is a very easy and light weight way of implementing this. The great part is that if you find you don't like this mod, just unequip the Geiger Counter and this mod will no longer have any impact on your game.

I called it a Geiger Counter for immersion purposes only, but it serves no other function other than activating this mod.

Special Notes:

Something special to note is that I have made it so you will not take any damage in a settlement that you have activated. I think that settlements should be relaxing and stress free and I didn't want this mod to impact that aspect of gameplay.

Another thing to note is that in order to not take radiation damage you have to be in an actual indoor location that has a loading screen. Simply walking underneath something while outdoors will not stop radiation damage...I know of no way to make it so the game can actually recognizes changes in your immediate surroundings...most houses are shacks and are full of holes, so I figure some sun could get through anyways! :)
If its cloudy or raining out you will not take radiation damage.

You can help counter the radiation effects from the sun by wearing any radiation protective gear.

I don't plan on expanding this, I am very busy with my free time patching and making mods for Horizon, but I think this is pretty complete the way it is!

There are two versions: 

Vanilla version:

-Take about 1 radiation damage for every minute of sun exposure.
-Can be crafted in the chem lab under Atomic Sun. Once crafted the menu will disappear, so don't worry about messing up your precious chem lab with a new menu!

Horizon version:

-Take about 1 radiation damage for every 3 minutes of sun exposure.
-Can be crafted in the Tech Lab under Equipment.