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An addon patch to the mod Driveables of the Commonwealth - Dogs that adds 4 new elemental themed Nightmare Hounds for players to use as mounts. Also includes a custom armor for the Hounds.

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What is this and what does it do?
Its an extension patch to the mod Driveables of the Commonwealth - Dogs by BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah. This mod adds 4 new canine mounts with an elemental hellhound vibe. They are Nightmare (fire), Fenrir (Ice), Harbinger (poison/radiation), and Mjolnir (shock/electric). The Hounds do have their own aura's that represent their elements which can be built via the Dog Bench from the main mod and can be equipped in the "equip my ride" menu. 

As this question has been asked several times even before the mods release so I'll just answer it in here:

Question: Why is this mod in Fallout 4 wouldn't it be more suited for Skyrim/SE?
Answer: The reason its for Fallout 4 is because that's the game I'm currently playing so that's the one I'm making stuff for. I wanted a creature mount for Fallout 4 that looked cool and functioned and thanks to BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah's help and framework I was able to create what I wanted and decided to share. No, its probably not "lore friendly" but its made for fun.  

Important things that need to be noted:

  • This mod is first and foremost a patch (like a free DLC kinda thing) not a stand alone mod, nor will ever it be a stand alone mod
  • The Nightmare auras are a visual effect only, they don't do any damage
  • In addition to the visual elemental effect all four auras also cast a colored light when equipped. (Good for dark nights mods or for locating them if they've wander a little bit.) 
  • The auras do share the names of the Hound they go to but can be placed on a different Hound if desired. Want a fiery effect on Fenrir or an ice effect on Mjolnir, why not? 
  • The Nightmare Armor is a fantasy themed dog armor made specifically for the Hounds, while other dogs from the main mod (and Dogmeat) can wear it, it will clip really badly on them. 
  • The Hounds are created through the settlement workshop under the catagory of Driveables Dogs -> Rex and Friends (the main category Driveable Dogs uses a Giddy head keychain as an icon and is located to the far right of the main workshop menus.) If you don't see that icon when you enter workshop mode exit and leave the workshop area (ideally to another cell or settlement) and come back the icon its menus should appear. 
  • The Nightmare Armor and Auras are created through the Dog Bench under Dog Armor (for the armor) and Dog Glows (for the auras). 

This mod hardline requires the mod: Driveables of the Commonwealth - Dogs by BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah

Special Thanks to:
BlahBlahDEEBlahBlah - For creating the original mod this is a patch for, for fixing and playtesting the patch and for helping me make this crazy idea work and for being an awesome person
Cancerous1- for showing me how to use FO4Edit and general tips for FO4Edit and for also being an awesome person
ajhakra - For creating that seriously amazing cubemap resource. The cubemaps are used on the shackles/collar the Hounds wear as well as the Nightmare Armor, thank you the metal would not look half as cool without them.