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Fallen Tree is a settlement added by the mod, Northern Exposure, and this is a blueprint of an immersive build with plenty of room to grow and for you to decorate.

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Fallen Tree Settlement Transfer Settlement Blueprint

Welcome to Fallen Tree, stranger, where the saw is family. Our sawmill cuts the best lumber this side of the Charles, and you’ll always find Annie and Chuck over at the General Goods & Junk. Careful of the hillside if it’s rainin’; mudslides have claimed more lives than the saw. To the no’th of our little settlement is the town of Overlook if you’re lookin’ for more trade, or an armed militia if’n you’re looking for trouble.

This Nexus listing is a build for the Fallen Tree Valley settlement provided by the required mod, Northern Exposure. You can also find a variation of this blueprint as a Sim Settlement City Plan. In this TS blueprint, sixteen settlers and a touch extra can reside in Fallen Tree with this build, and there’s definitely room to grow. Designer’s Choice will use kinggath’s vanilla Sim Settlements and Industrial Revolution, as well as Idek’s Provisioner Station. There are no other add-ons here because I wanted to leave that to you, and of course to reduce mod load. Fill in Fallen Tree with your favorite Sim add-on and decoration mods. I’d like to see your version!

* Discovered randomly that I had placed a bunk bed in the cottage next to the town center that happens to miraculously be in the near precise location of a bunk bed placed if you choose Dorm Life interior sim plot. Causes flickering. Once I stored the wayward bed, the flickering stopped, of course. Huh. Near perfect random placement of the same style bed. Freaky!

I believe that settlements should spring naturally from and have to deal with the problems of the natural environment above that encountered in the Fallout wasteland. My Fallen Tree build isn’t heavily decorated, and because the settlement size is quite large, there’s plenty of room to grow if your rig can handle it. With Sanctuary and two other settlements provided by Northern Exposure right next door, I designed it with mid-level density. If there were keywords for my settlement design philosophy, I’d say natural, immersive and lore-friendly. When I visit, I feel that these people actually live there, work there, die there. I feel it looks like a normal settlement you’d run across randomly in the wasteland. I think that the character of each of the settlement’s areas excuses it’s reason for being there, in other words.

Please note that in this video I use other mods such as Rust Belt Overhaul and Dead Skies weather. They are obviously not required.

Problem Areas - I don’t believe Bethesda navmeshed this area as conscientiously as they could, certainly not up on the hill near the border, and definitely not very well at Overlook. I’ve noticed settlers tend to stay off the hillsides despite my placement of plots and markers. I’ve added City Toolkit’s provided navmesh blocks to help mitigate that, but I still think the settlers tend to stick close to the center. They definitely appear in their beds, and the guard hangs out at their post uphill, but I feel it would take a mod author to go through this area for proper navmesh. You can see the markers and navmesh blocks if you choose that option in the Sim’s holotape under Visual. The three attack markers are along the outskirts of the settlement, btw. NOTE that sometimes TS didn't place some of those markers or navmesh blocks and other times in my tests TS did.

The second problem area is that I chose to stick with the lumbermill Advanced Industrial, and centered the warehouse based on my choice that it remain a lumber mill. If you continue with it as a lumber mill, and if you want to advance that plot, you will find the following:

The peat pit will work nicely, though I’d suggest removing the tent.
The paper mill will upgrade into a building that does not work well with the prefab warehouse’s placement; they merge at the corner. You could remove the warehouse, and if you’re looking for a reason, maybe the settlers used it to build the paper mill. I’ll leave that to you. The ground under the warehouse is eroding anyway, so as the mill upgrades, the settlers chose to just take it down, that sort of thing. Or just move it for no reason whatsoever.

The third problem is that Northern Exposure didn’t include a lot of scrap profiles. There’s very little to scrap here, and I didn’t scrap anything; I simply built around it. Your scrap mod may give you more. It also means all those logs they would have probably used first are still there in the middle of the settlement - hilarious! Also, I had no modded way to get rid of some of the thick bushes and grass. I don’t mind a little grass poking through a plot, but there are some plots with plenty o’ grass. Maybe your choice of scrap mod may help.

No walls? WTF, man! Yeah, I didn’t include walls around the settlement. Fallen Tree has militia posts, and a natural settlement (even out in the wilderness) like this design wouldn’t necessarily have many walls. You can absolutely add them though. I was especially concerned by density if you happen to have Sanctuary and other Northern Exposure settlements active. I appreciate walls, but I don’t feel they’re required to make a natural settlement or that they’re even a primary design choice.

What’s with all the wood framing? Like I said above, I believe a natural settlement design would reflect the problems of the natural environment. Someone started a settlement here because of all the wood. They soon discovered that mudslides and rainfall wash-outs were the reason for all the fallen wood, the primary problem of this location, but decided to stick with it anyway. With the lumber mill running, there was plenty of wood to hold back erosion. You’ll notice attempts at skirting several of the houses to keep the soil in place, or even angled rain diversions that force water away from the dirt under their plots. That would explain what look like roofs at near-ground level. Clever, right?

If you happen to look closely at other things, you will discover some plots or structures that aren’t level. Yup, I designed it that way. Ever go into a settlement to realize suddenly that everything is level? Yeah, I have done that too; it’s a game mechanic. It’s too damn neat! An accident with Place Everywhere a while back (involving a settler’s death) helped me realize an item slightly askew makes all the difference to help settlement structures look heavy, that they really sit on the ground, are really built on a hillside or even about to fall over. For example, not only do we see in Fallen Tree a prefab wood barn that has seen better (pre-war) days, there’s an entrance stair down to an old root cellar near one of the other plots; mudslides have long since claimed them, filled them in. I didn’t remove those ‘features’ from even the level 3 as they helped immerse me in a settlement that seemed up-and-coming, but also going to rot. Note this does not mean there is an actual root cellar--just the top of some stairs (as decoration), a callback to its pre-war history. Did the people living here escape the nuclear holocaust in their root cellar, only to wake with mud flows sealing them inside. Are their bones buried beneath? Who knows! Good story around the entertainment hovel though. Annie and Chuck at the General Goods & Junk love to tell that one to strangers!

I hope you enjoy Fallen Tree, and that it feels like a natural settlement sprung up from the wilderness. Please be aware that this is just a blueprint, so many functional problems will likely need your feedback in Transfer Settlements or Sim Settlements forums. If in your discovery of Fallen Tree you find something that I ought to tweak to ensure better balance in Sim Settlements, let me know.

With popularity, more blueprints/add-ons might occur. Let me know. I’m thinking of Overlook as a frontier town, but that navmesh (or lack of it) . . .. Oh Bethesda, you should have definitely realized someone would build a mod settlement there. Slackers.

Tinkertown USA blueprint here (Starlight industrial).