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Transfer settlement blueprint for Red rocket settlement. Stone walled with electronic gates. Autoclose option powered by a siren.

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Stone-walled Settlements  -  Red rocket

Blueprint with a simple stone wall around red rocket and some concrete ground for building. Autoclose option powered by a siren.

How to set it up:

1 - Clear the red rocket of anything but the main building, including private hedges and the tiny portion of road in the east way.
2 - Import.
3 - Store the "delayed switches" and place them again.
4 - Connect the switches to the terminal and stablish the delay you want (I use 10 for each, so 30 seconds).
5 - Store the terminal and generator and reconnect the pilons and conduit.
6 - Reconnect every vertical piece of conduit. There is a bug with them and C-dante didn't add those to the reconnect list.


I use spring cleaning (grass +private hedges + animations) for scrapping, but it doesnt scrap the road. If you use F4SE, necesary for transfer settlements, click INSERT key and delete that piece of road.

Uploaded an alternative version with vanilla connectors instead of vertical conduits in case you don't like them. See files and images.