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Add some bling to your armor set with these shiny metal armor paints! Or a super rusty one if you want.

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Gunmetal Armor Skins - Precious Metals Pack

Utilizing the Creation Club Armor Paint Framework This mod adds several new Color and Camo armor paint options.
This was made as a companion to my Weapon Skins mod so you can have a matching look.

This does use the CC armor paint framework so if you have any conflict
causing CC Armor skins to not work it will effect this mod as well.

This Patch will fix most compatibility issues.
Please try this FIRST before complaining in the comments about skins not working.

Customize the look of your armor with new paint options!
Add some bling to your armors with these shiny metal Armor skins! Or a super rusted skin if your into that!

Future plans

More armor paint packs.

New camos
Branded armor paints based on popular products from the Fallout Lore
Faction Armor paints for DLC Factions
Faction Armor paints for Faction from previous games.
Skins packs for DLC (and maybe some Mod) armors

Matching Skin packs for Pip-boy, Power Armors, and maybe even Automatron Robot Companions.

Xbox version will be coming at some point,
But I live in a rural area with terrible internet that has been running extra terribly lately and have already had multiple failed attempts to upload to for Xbox.