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A combat triggered T-60 Targeting Array dynamically dropping when you enter combat and raising when you leave..

FMOD includes both Replacer and linked to Helmet Upgrade option.

This is a small part of an upcoming larger mod being spun off from RaiderOverhaul...

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Some of the RaiderOverhaul team have been plugging away at new content for the last year, and this month we realized the scope of what we had built goes way beyond just Raiders and are spinning the bulk of it off into it's own Mod...

This mod is literally an Animated Targeter for the T-60 Helmet
It automatically opens and closes when you draw / holster your weapon.

No Scripts, no F4SE, no nonsense...
100% Kosher, USDA Approved, All American modding.
This is one very small part of the larger mod, we've been encouraged to release early, depending on demand we might have some other things we'd be willing to release before the larger package is ready.
Why are we breaking part of our years worth of work off RO?
Well the total unfinished mod is larger than a couple DLC's combined, so, well, it got out of hand.
Downside of doing that is it's delaying us a bit, but the up side is we will have something stand alone and dependent only on Armorkeywords providing hundreds of thousands of options to mod your armors and weapons.

-Updated T-60 Helmet that has the targeting Array Removed
-Updated Recon Sensors, Targeting HUD, Sensor Array and VATS Matrix Overlay with the targeter Added to it (Future updated will include some added effects for each separate targeter)

This does not have any mods as a dependency, but would need to be lower than any other mods that touch the T-60 "Base Lining" OMOD.
PA_T60_Helmet "Standard T-60 Helmet" [OMOD:0003DAFD]

None really, just one small annoying problem we are working on for the "Larger Project"
This Mod is adding the Animation into the into an OMOD, and it turns out Material swaps can only go "One Layer" deep.
This means If you have a replacement texture it will work fine, but if you are doing a material swap via OMOD (Color swap option in Armorkeywords etc) it won't be able to effect the Targeter

Little bit of an inside joke, mainly because I keep putting off the publishing of the next version of RaiderOverhaul, SMR etc....
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Perpetual beta (or ‘banana principle’) is the keeping of software or a system at the beta development stage for an extended or indefinite period of time. It is often used by developers when they continue to release new features that might not be fully tested. Perpetual beta software is not recommended for mission critical machines. However, many operational systems find this to be a much more rapid and agile approach to development, staging, and deployment.....