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A very light overhaul of full outfits and a few individual clothing/armor items. Rebalancing what can and can't use ballistic weave and adding outfit options for non railroad players.

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Requires Far Harbor, Mechanist, Nuka World and  AWKCR

This mod rebalances various details of armor in the game to improve logic and offer more play options. I pulled these changes from my Lunar Fallout Overhaul, as I figured some may like them on their own.

I reworked which items can and can not use the Railroad ballistic weave lining. There were several DLC outfits missing that slot and many Institute outfits. No hats and nothing that can be used as underarmor with regular armor pieces can use lining now. I also tweaked a few items like dresses so you can't wear arm pieces with them (since it was a cheap way to wear armor and ballistic weave).

Several outfits have their stats changed (weight and resistances) to essentially be pre-lined and not allow further lining. Brotherhood soldier outfits now have stats that make them seem actually prepped for combat, while brotherhood scribe outfits have a carry weight bonus (since they have backpacks). Boss/reward outfits like Kellog's and Minuteman General's are much higher. There were also some raider outfits in the game that got buffs, which should make those raiders a little tougher. This means even if you don't do the Railroad quests, there are some viable outfits for players to use. It also means that some NPCs will be better opponents/allies.

The Hazmat suit has been nerfed. It has a perk attached that by default reduces incoming radiation by 98% (then uses the displayed 1000 rad resist). Now incoming radiation is cut by 50%.

The hazmat suit also has a hidden effect that it protects the player from  poison gas. I added that effect to gas masks and gave them a buffed radiation resistance stat, making them a little more useful.

All lead lined armor mods have their radiation effects tripled from 10 to 30. Considering the extra weight of that mod and how radiation works this is still not a very appealing mod, but at least not worthless.