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Fallout 4 modlist and guide. Focus on new quests, survival mode and settlement building, adding 40+ hours of content to the game! Easy to follow instructions on how to take modding to the next level.

Permissions and credits
This guide is in beta, meaning modlist is final. However, it´s quite possibly unstable, so if you´re somewhat experienced with modding Bethesda games, give it a go, and don´t shy away from giving me feedback. 

This modlist with accompanying guide was born out of a desire to use Biraitbec´s Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide together with Mod Organizer 2 instead of Nexus Mod Manager. After a while the scope of the guide grew, and I decided that my endvision mas different enough that it warranted a guide of it´s own. 

So what makes this guide different? Well, Biraitbec´s guide is an amazing achievement in that it´s basically a foolproof guide to a beautiful, enhanced and stable Fallout 4 modding experience, and I will always recommend to do his guide first. Look at my guide as complementary to his, rather than replacement.

My goal is twofold:

- to try to preserve that experience whilst also providing a first step into more advanced modding
- present my vision of an enhanced, fun fallout experience

That said, this modlist will always be more experimental. It´s an indisputable truth that the more mods you add, the more likely that something will conflict. Because of this, we´re going to need to eventually delve into some advanced conflict resolution, and you can help!

First, by reporting issues related to guide. Could something be explained better, is something completely erroneus?

Second, by reporting issues related to the game itself. Check this document for known issues, and then report in the comment section. 

Third, by providing compatibility patches. This is obviously not for the inexperienced modder.


I want to keep this guide/list as modular as possible, meaning you should be able to install the parts to want, and omit the parts you don´t, without resulting in issues in game. This means I will provide multiple patches (not yet available), which can all be merged to bring the plugin count down. 

Future plans:

Once we have a 1.0.0 stable (I reckon end of april) I will look into more mods, with focus on gameplay changes, immersion and fixes, preferably small mergeable mods. 1.0.0 stable will have 213 esps active (after merges), 2.0.0 will be around 220-225. I think that´s a good, doable number, but that´s months into the future. 

I would also like to look into doing  a guide for Horizon further down the line.


"I can suggest all people to keep an eye on this guide, since i know for sure Ape75 is really talented in what he does." - Biraitbec

"First impression is excellent: it is straightforward and clean, with just the right amount of explanation for an audience lightly familiar with modding." - Sturtus261


Thanks to courageous alpha/beta-testers. Below is a list of everyone who provided feeback during these stages, contributing to making the guide better:


If you feel that I´ve missed your contribution (I assure you it´s never intentional), just let me know and allow me to rectify that.


Other guides I wholeheartedly recommend:

Biraitbec´s Fallout 4 Mod List an Load Order Guide by Biraitbec
Way to the lost by Mortercotic


A list of my small fixes and patches:

Settlements Clean-up (English patch)
Setllement Clean-Up scrap mod translated from Japanese-English

Apes gameplay tweaks and patch repository
Realistic headshots - less deadly edition
Patch for the Realistic headshot mod, to not let you oneshot every enemy in the game.
Compatibility patch for when using survival options, survival stats widget, Everyone´s best friend and Give me that bottle in tandem
Unbogus Fallout - less headless edition
Not a fan of headless ghouls and synths. How do they see or hear you to attack? Simple FO4Edit