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Dunk on your enemies with a new power armor leg upgrade. Jump Higher!

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**This is a fan made modification made with unofficial tools. Use this at your own risk, and back up all save files and mods before using.**

Available at any power armor crafting station, the new "Spring Loaded" power armor leg upgrade allows you to increase your power armor's jumping capabilities.

You can upgrade just one leg for a small but respectable height increase, or upgrade both to leap over cars and across large gaps.

Combine with a jetpack for more fun! Requires "Science 3" to craft.

If you like this type of power armor upgrade mod, you'll definitely like this criminally underrated mod by Mogomra
It adds 7 new power armor upgrades that are super compatible with everything, including this mod.

I recommend you combine this with my other power armor mod

With that mod the jetpack no longer shoots you upwards, but allows you to hover over very large distances. It also allows time for some pretty fun mid-air shenanigans, like dropping grenades or even sniping. I made this jump upgrade specifically for that mod, but it still works fine on it's own.

There are multiple files, which one do I use?

The main files do not change the name of upgraded legs pieces. These versions have maximum compatibility and are recommended for most users.
There are currently 2 levels to pick from - Subtle and Standard.

Subtle is good for the hardcore survival type of players. This is the most balanced version, but it's not as fun.

Standard is the default option and is a good middle ground between balanced and fun.

The optional files do change the name of upgraded leg pieces. Once upgrade, they will be called "Spring Loaded". This is how the vanilla game works. If you use any sorting mods, or other mods that add upgrades to power armor then do not use these versions unless you know how to manually carry over the changes in xedit.