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3 + 1 Settlements at Cambridge, a most Fun area to build at!

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This release contains 3 + 1 external settlement sites in the Cambridge area of the Fallout 4 game. They are vanilla player settlement sites, meaning there is no need for other MODs or any of the DLC's.  

There should be no mismatch with other MOD's, apart from those that also affect same areas of course.  

I also highly recommend using some of the wonderful building MOD's, like Homemaker e.g.  I do so myself. 

Special notice from bobblunderton:
Please use the unofficial Fallout 4 patch to go ahead and keep the WORKSHOPPARENTSCRIPT from overloading and killing your game with script-engine-heart-attack CTD death.


Cambridge College Square Settlement, (CambridgeCollegeSquareSettlement.esp),
was recommended to me by bobblunderton as possibly a cool spot for building, and I eventually listened to him and did this Settlement. I've been playing it for few hours now myself, and I have to say that I've had fun building there! Thanx bobblunderton!

Cambridge Red Rocket Settlement, (CambridgeRedRocketSettlement.esp),
is at the Red Rocket closer to College Square.

Cambridge Toll Association Settlement, (CambridgeTollAssociationSettlement.esp),
is this raider spot with fiery pit and easily defended location. I have always thought to myself that this would be a good Settlement spot, and here it now is!


Kendal Hospital Parking Settlement, (KendalHospitalParking.esp),
is as the name tells a fun urban area to build a settlement. 
- This settlement has already been published before as a part of parking settlements bundle, To Park Is To Settle, but it is included here also because it meshes seamlessly with the other 3 settlements in the very same area.

This is NOT a game save!

Installing these mods couldn't be any simpler: just copy the *.esp files from where you unzipped them into your Fallout4/Data -folder!

These MODs are totally vanilla, so only Fallout 4 is needed. As of now, these MODs works fine on my PC, but I have not tested them on other PC's. This means that you might find bugs. Please inform me of those, and I'll do my best to fix them! 

NOTICE: I hate making borders, so these External Settlements don't have them. If this is a deal breaker for you, then maybe you want to  make those borders?

Cautionary Mention: Most of the builds seen in pictures are only examples, they do not exists in MODs!

ps. I just mention something you all already know: There is no MUST to install all 4 settlements. You can use any number of them from 1 to 4. 

Happy gaming!