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I wanted to be able to craft the different types of ammo using the AWKCR workbench and the new crafting components.
now you can craft almost all of the different ammo types without it being too imbalanced, hopefully.

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Basic Ammo Crafting

I wanted to be able to craft the different types of ammo using the AWKCR workbench and the new crafting components.
now you can craft almost all of the different ammo types
hopefully without it being too imbalanced.

I'm open to feedback concerning the balance of the recipes and perk requirements, as well as feedback on what recipes might fit more, or if you really want every type of ammo included send me what you think a reasonable recipe and perk would be so it doesn't
completely imbalance everything. Also if there is a new kind of ammo added from a mod you use, tell me if you would like that included. I
cant guarantee I will, but hey the only way to know is to ask.

Sadly due to personal issues with how broken the website is for me, I am going to make this exclusive to the nexus do NOT re-upload anywhere.

What It does
This adds 3 new categories at the ammunition workbench, I also removed useless categories that only had one primer recipe in them, because they where redundant (if you use a mod that adds something to these categories they will come back)

Ammo - Ballistic
this contains, well, ballistic ammo, and it has all of it, including the ammo from the Nuka World and Far Harbor.
all of these require a primer and 1 or 2x gunpowder per bullet and ether lead or steel depending on what is used for the ammunition factory to craft that bullet
the number of bullets you craft depends on how many primers you get when you craft it, aka crafting 1 large rifle primer in AWKCR gives you 20 primers, so for a .308 you craft 20 bullets, with 20 large rifle primers, 40 gunpowder (because the primer is large), and 1 lead
the only difference to this is that crafting small pistol primers gives you 50, so for bullets requiring that I halved the components to 25 primers, and 25 gunpowder (because the primer is small) for 25 bullets.

Everything in this category also needs between 1-4 levels of gun nut, based on how easy to get the ammo usually is.

Ammo - Energy
This category was less straightforward for me, I Wasnt sure what to use for the crafting so I just made them what I thought was reasonable, aka most of them need nuclear material, accept flamer fule that needs a crap ton of oil.
Everything in this category gives 20 bullets each and require between 1-4 levels of the Science perk to craft.

Ammo - Other
this just has miscellaneous ammo, flares, harpoons, rail spikes, and cannonball can be found here, they use between 1-3 levels of gun nut and for the most part
give 10 ammo each, except for the cannonball that only gives 1 for every one you craft

I did not include fusion cells, missiles, or mini-nukes (although I could possibly make something with the mini-nuke parts you can find in game)
I did not include these because I felt like it would break too much an I didn't really know what kind of crafting recipe I should put in for them.

What It Requires
This Mod requires AWKCR, Far Harbor, and Nuka World to work, this is because I'm using AWKCR crafting benches (that the whole point of the mod) and I may make a version for people without the DLC but really at this point you should own the two content DLCs especially with how cheap they get during sales.

Should be compatible with anything, the only thing I changed and didn't add is I removed the primers from all the different individual ammo categories, in favor of 3 larger ones, but that shouldn't cause many issues, and if it does just load this above whatever it's having issue with and let that mod overwrite this one.

none just yet