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Overlay replacement for the standard aim through scope effect and reticles (Ballistic and plasma rifle scope only).

Permissions and credits
This is a modification of Zeyphir's Modern Scope Reticles - Scope Reticle Overhaul


Basically this is a replacement of the vanilla aim through scope effect for the sniper rifle. It gets rid of the black borders around the reticle and puts a scope overlay in its place. It also changes the standard reticles.


- First the black borders around the reticle are gone, replaced by sniper scope sprite. (It should support 21:9 aspect ratio but i haven't tested yet)
- Made the lens a little smaller for a narrower field of view
- Eliminated the shadow around the reticle
- Blur effect added to the edge of the scope for extra realism points (Scope without blur in the optional files)
- Mildot reticle replaced for a, uhm, "thinner" one
- The [KEY] To Hold Breath Prompt has been hidden (From Zeyphir's original mod)

UPDATE: <------------ Important

- Added blur effect around the edges! Just download the esp with NMM and activate.
- Users of the Blur-less scope will have to update if they want to use this since the scope was a tiny smidge too small and some weird pinching effect showed up on the sides, already corrected it and version 1.5 is already uploaded!
- Also: For the people who can't get the blur effect esp to work: Make sure your depth of field quality option in the launcher's advanced settings is set to 'Bokeh'


New set of reticles available in the optional files section. Modified so they're easy to see in the dark but not so much as to overwhelm night-vision users.


- You will notice that the scope sprite itself is quite dark and not overly detailed. This is because whenever i tried to add different shades of color to the edge or the inside walls of the scope the final result in the game looked like a cartoonish mess, which is not what i was going for. Anyway I actually quite like the balance that i struck given that i have very little experience with editing software; it's pretty sober and not distracting, but i'll let you guys be the judges of that.

- As for the other scopes i'll try to update in the future although i'm not making any promises. This is something i threw together just for fun, if i get motivated then i'll make overlays for the rest.

-  The world distortion effect outside the scope does NOT come wit this mod, if you want it you can download it here. Edit: Already made my own blur effect if you wish to download that one instead. Check downloads section.


This mod will conflict with anything that touches ScopeMenu.swf in the Fallout 4\Data\Interface directory.


Bethesda Softworks - For creating the game and the Creation Kit.
Zeyphir - The creator of the original mod
Adobe Illustrator
JPEXS free Flash Decompiler
7Zip - For file compression


None that i am aware of.


-Nexus Mod Manager - Just download and activate


Download the file and use an extractor (7Zip, WinRAR.....) to get the ScopeMenu.swf file and place it in \steam\steamapps\common\fallout 4\Data\Interface