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An Add-on pack for Sim Settlements that makes 33 of the vanilla Unique, Commandable settlers in the Commonwealth leaders.

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This is a simple add-on for Sim Settlements that makes every unique and commandable settler in the commonwealth a leader.

I made no changes to the NPC's other than adding Sim Settlements leader forms. This adds 33 leaders to the current 12 Commonwealth companions. (Dogmeat; Check out Red Rocket below) This is a very preliminary and raw list as there will most likely be an expansion of abilities and limitations to the leaders and their skills. I plan on adding flags, possibly some unique ones if I can manage to make them. 

If you think I missed someone please let me know. I am also open to suggestions for settlers from other mods. 

I would also like to add socharis' excellent Recruitable Settlers, I am just waiting on their permission.

skuzzkitty has a great mod SimSettlements - Vanilla Leaders that covers some leaders I do not here. I have tested both at the same time. There does not seem to be any major conflicts, but it does offer both versions of a leader if both mods have them. Both versions are removed from other settlements Assign Leader option if one is chosen as a leader. You are always able to pick either from the Change Leader option. It also loads the settlers by mod and not by NPC name. So all of the companions, then all of the leaders from one mod and then all the leaders from the other. 

Abernathy Farm: 
Blake - Tested
Connie - Tested
Lucy - Tested (She may be young, But it is a dystopian future)

Bunker Hill:
Kessler - Tested
Others not commandable

The Castle:
Ronnie Shaw - Sim Settlements Addon - Creations By COOTS

Country Crossing:
Settlers not unique (And I really like Sam and Dean)

Ted Huntley - Tested
Deezer - Lemonade for all, soon... Sim Settlements Addon - Creations By COOTS
All other settlers not commandable (sniff, no deezer, Oh wait Thanx COOTS)

Egret Marina:
Phyllis Daily is goofy and may not work (Would you want her? She is either guilty of Filicide or was REALLY asleep at the wheel)

Finch Farm:
Abraham - Tested
Abigail - Tested
Daniel - Tested
Jake - Tested (and really eager to prove he is not 'that' dumb)

Supervisor White: Testy
Supervisor Green: Tested, and ready to sell
Supervisor Brown: Tested

Greentop Nursery:
Nick and Nora aren't unique (second sniff)

Nordhagan Beach:

Alan, Dorothy and Christopher Robin are sadly, not Unique

Oberland Station:

Thelma and Louise are again not Unique

Red Rocket:
No Settlers here, although I have heard someone has trained Dogmeat, Goooood boy! Sim Settlements Addon - Creations By COOTS

Santuary Hills:
Marcy Long - Tested, awful as ever and ready to do it the right way
Jun Long - Tested (even though he does not.. ever.. want to appear)
Sturges - Tested
Mama Murphy - Tested, May appear later; and then again much later... depending on her Jet supply of course

The Slog:

Wiseman - Tested
Deirdre - Tested
Jones - Tested
Holly - Tested
Arlen Glass - Not commandable, and leaders do not play with toys anyway
The rest are just the.. plain old settlers (not unique)

Somerville Place:
Atticus, Jem and Scout are all common (not Unique). And in any event Atticus would never leave his children. Would he kinggath...

Sunshine Tidings Co-op:
Mr. Goodfeels has been programmed as a leader by Sim Settlements Addon - Creations By COOTS

Taffington Boathouse:
Mary, Margaret and Russell are, well, They're dead Jim. DEAD!

Tenpines Bluff:
Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are just plain settlers (not Unique, And yes I read 'that' stuff too)

Warwick Homestead:
Roger - Tested, but not before he murders his namesake
June - Not commandable, and too distraught over letting the Institute replace Roger
Janey - Tested, ready to get away from her pesky little brother
Bill Sutton - Not commandable, plus he generally ends up dead anyway
Cedricc Hopton - Tested, be aware that he can end up floating in a water tank and I have not checked that out yet

Level four vendors:
Vault-tec Rep - Tested
Trader Rylee - Should work, but she always flakes out and never gets to a settlement
Anne Hargraves - Tested
The Scribe - 
Ron Staples -
Doc Anderson -
Smiling Larry -
Tina De Luca - I have not tested them, and I'm to stupid to figure out how to console them in correctly. Let's just say I play very slowly


Sheffield - Tested
S9-23 (Shaun)- Read Tina De Luca
Drinkin' Buddy - Nope, but somebuddy was going to try and reprogram him too

Overseer Barstow - Nope, anyway my tests are never up to her 'standards' and she leaves
Clem - Tested and ready to ride that cycle. I mean desk. Oh Fertilizer
Isabel Cruz - Not a settler
Sparks - (third sniff) No
Jezebel - Don't get me started

Thank you to;
kinggath and the Sim Settlements team, Cpt.COOTS and mytigio for all their help and insights