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Removes level requirements for all character perks.

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Updated for all DLC perks! Confirmed to work as of update.

Perks Unleashed

This mod removes level requirements for all character perks.  It does not affect the base perk or earned (magazine, quest) perks. 

This mod was created with FO4Edit ( xEdit 3.1.3 ).  It contains one .esp, and nothing else.  If you have FO4 modding enabled, just put the .esp into your FO4 data folder, and enable it.  Cleaned and checked for errors. ;-)  

The massive overhaul
Horizon has a soft incompatibility as of Horizon v.1.1.  The incompatibility causes missing perk icon textures.  This won't affect playability with either mod.  Please see the Posts tab for further discussion.  Thanks to super!user HxCpojken for the error report!

The Perk RESET Chem mod is incompatible; after using the RESET the player cannot access all perks. Thanks to Magluak for the report!

Is this your very first Fallout 4 mod?  Welcome!  Enable mods by following the simple instructions in the following helpful vid by Gopher

Added even more missing perks!  Thanks to super!user XunAmarox for the detailed error report.
1.2  Added a couple perks (Ghoulish 4 and Action Boy 3) which were skipped the first time. Thanks to Nahkrinoth and cancerparty1 respectively for bug reports! I found a few more that were missed, in perks few people use (VANS 2).
1.1  Updated for: Fallout 4 version 1.7.15!   
     Updated for NUKAWORLD!:  The Happiest Place On Earth! 
     and: Visit Scenic FAR HARBOR!  
     Now requires those two mods.  And the update.
     Removed all edits to Cannibal, Animal Friend, Intimidation, and Wasteland Whisperer.  Those perks will behave just like vanilla.
1.0  Initial release