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Adds individual Mjolnir pieces to Fallout 4 to match the base game's armor system.

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This is pretty self explanatory.  I took the mesh from: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/26244 and broke it into the following...

Chest - Light, Medium, and Heavy
Left Arm - Light, Medium, and Heavy
Right Arm - Light, Medium, and Heavy
Left Leg - Light, Medium, and Heavy
Right Leg - Light, Medium, and Heavy

Build the files in bodyslide... just look at the screenshot for which ones to build.

Add them using the console and searching "spartan" or get them from a chest to the right of the stage at Hubris Comics.  All the upgrades from original mod (to include color changing).  For some reason there are 2 each of light, med, and heavy when you upgrade the pieces, but they both work just the same.

Make sure "Sierra117V3.esl" is above "Spartan Combat Armor.esp" in your load order and things will be gravy.

Requires the original mod, CBBE, and Bodyslide to function properly.

All credit goes to those listed below.  All I did was a bit o' editing.

Darkman32197 - Rigging, mesh editing, CK work, testing
U653748 - Fitting mesh to vanilla Fallout 4, CK work, new textures, materials
Vince5754 - Original custom mesh and textures
Bungie Studios - Halo was iconic
Bethesda Studios - Oblivion to now, I have sunk so many hours into Bethesda games I dare not dwell on it!