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Blueprint of the Longfellow's cabin settlements. Project the recreation of island. Powered by Snoopy.

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Blueprint copy of the  Longfellow's cabin, small militarized settlement fully electrified. Project the recreation of island. Additional Mods needed.

1. Transfer Settlements ver. 1.48, no less.
2. Clean up the territory before importing procedure, you make a decision (seen at the screen shots).
3. After importing the blueprints, it's necessary to reconnect the logic gates wires on both sides of the doorways, since they remain behind the logic gates textures.

Apply these next 3 steps. Only in this way, you can avoid crashing of the game during and after importing the blueprints:
1. Transfer blueprint using with ver. 1.46 by to turn-on an option "Shut down generators during the power-up phase". This is relevant for blueprints a kind of Sanctuary Hills, Warwick Homestead, Abernathy Farm, The Slog, The castle, especially Vault-88. Shortly, for the big one settlements with complex electricity scheme.
2. After importing - go outside of the active game cell, saving (the longest 1-st try), reloading the game, waiting 2 game days, make new save.
2.1. Calibrate all of your optical sensors by using of the central terminal in settlement to turn-on an option "Trigged on hostiles".
3. Magnetize the same new logic gates by turn all of them one by one, before replacing the new one dismantle\disassembly at your option the old one, and then to connect the wires like shown on the images schemes of connecting wires.
3.1. Making a quick save between the processes of magnetizing each of the new one copies of logic gates (magnetize the new one copy of logic gates make quick save, magnetize the new one copy of logic gates make quick save and so on...). Only then to connect the wires one by one over quick saving, as shown on schemes.
4. Reloading the game and making new save by deleting the new one foregoing in point No.2.

During importing the blueprints:
I doing next trick during the building process at all, push the "Esc" button and waiting a few minutes (it's working like pause on tape), after this manipulation buildings done by 100%.