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A simple retexture of the Minigun which makes it extremly rusty.

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What is this? 
 This is a simple retexture of the Minigun aiming to make it a lot more rusty, than it is in the vanilla game. This is going to be a part of The RUST Project, a complete retexture pack of the weapons to make them much more rusty. 

Why does it exist? 
 One day, when I was just playing Fallout 4, I thought to myself: "Why do almost all of these weapons look so well preserved after 200 years?" So then I went ahead and created this simple retexture to ease my mind. If you ever thought the same thing as me, than this mod is exactly for you! 

What the f*ck am I supposed to do with it? 
 Well, like I said, if you also think that the weapons in Fallout 4 are in much better shape than they should be, then you shoudl download this mod and enjoy it as much as you possibly can! And if you don't know how, don't worry, it's simple. You download the .rar file and drop the "data" folder in your "Fallout 4" folder. Or you can simply download it with Nexus Mod Manager. 

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