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  1. NavaroBL
    • member
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    Anyone who thinks we released this to combat Bethesda's release is wrong, it is purely coincidental that these two things came out at the same time.

    Thanks everyone for the support and criticism!
  2. Ghostsignals
    • member
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    Is this injected via a script, or is it done with basic leveled lists that require a merged patch to make sure everything spawns equally?
    1. FolkenNexus
      • premium
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  3. Deiseir
    • member
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    Can someone tell me where the hidden legendary location is for this gun?
  4. LonghornRed
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    I found a legendary version that shoots explosive ammo XD
  5. SundialPaisley
    • member
    • 44 posts
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    Both the Standard Sights nor the Glow Sights are still not fixed? Dang... Still a good weapon mod though, just wish that was fixed, or if it is fixable with FO4Edit.
  6. Rumot
    • member
    • 92 posts
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    hey, really sorry to bug ya but would it be at all possible to get a version that just uses the same animation as the 10mm? I got the Wardaddy animation set and I love it and it'd be neat to have it on this pistol, which I ALSO love.
    • member
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    is there some way to make this a replacer to the vanilla 10mm?
    1. C21987
      • member
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      here you go.
    2. jtjrawlins
      • supporter
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      That mod is gone... :(
    3. accolyte1022
      • supporter
      • 11 posts
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    4. Thaddion
      • premium
      • 52 posts
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      Does anyone have it still? The vanilla pistol is awful and I need this mod.
    5. icebearhugo
      • supporter
      • 33 posts
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      The vanilla 10mm has always been laughably huge IMO, what were they thinking.
    6. Synthesis
      • supporter
      • 404 posts
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      Yeah, I'm sad I missed the replacer version too. Oh well!
    7. mealyman
      • supporter
      • 128 posts
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      The replacer mod was buggy, hence its disappearance.
  8. KillerHell
    • member
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    I'm sorry, but the animations could be better.

    Most of what bothers me is just my opinion, I don't like the style, but I can't not live with it, it's fine. What really bothers me is...
    The aiming. Aiming with this gun gives an obvious sight of your hands clipping through the gun itself. It feels like the hands go forward from the gun and the bones are messed up, like a bad string or some such. And I'm sure many others have said it already, the ironsights are a bit too off-center.
    Also, the bash. I can see my right hand's "blob" when I bash. Although the game-breaking bug here is how there's no unique animation for bash executions, I was stuck while bashing a 10% HP raider 5 times, I died because of that.

    I play this on 90 FOV, which makes these issues more prominent.

    Can you please fix these?
    I don't mind if with the bash you just remove the "unique animation", so long as I don't get stuck playing a broken/non-existent animation, I'm fine with that.
  9. toounx
    • member
    • 64 posts
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    very like v.1.2version
  10. ThomasKennington
    • member
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    I have a quest problem. When i pick up the gun the quest ends but any of this gun type I pick up I am told that Quest items may not be removed from inventory. I am fine until I pick up the quest item itself. I was wondering If you had any thoughts
  11. lsdravian
    • member
    • 106 posts
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    Awesome pistol, honestly wish this was the in game 10mm. Also thank you for removing that abominable revolver cylinder. I get that it's from the original design as well as a reference but someone was seriously smoking crack the day they decided to put a cylinder on a mag fed pistol.