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The Calvin Coolidge Institute is a brand new dungeon mod for Fallout 4 that'll provide a glimpse at the madness that ensued within pre-War Americans. Located between Big John's Salvage and Relay Tower 0SC-527 and designed primarily for mid to high-level Sole Survivors. Lower ones may still take a whack at it, but do so at your own risk. :)

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Deep within the Commonwealth lies a secret complex that was formed by Dr. Harlow Nettle, one of Vault-Tec's main authorities on survival preparation who also happens to be a distant descendant of Calvin Coolidge (hence the name). Originally designed as an education center for the Overseers before the Great War decimated the Commonwealth, the Calvin Coolidge Institute is now a husk of its former self. The souls unlucky enough to still be inside when the bombs dropped began losing their sanity by distracting themselves with morbid endeavors and odd interests that eventually resulted in everyone buying the farm.

Raiders now roam the underground establishment and have taken an affinity to some of the practices the would-be Overseers engaged in. It seemed as though the Coolidge Institute would never see another turn of events given its secrecy... until the Sole Survivor came.


The Calvin Coolidge Institute features: 

- 15+ different rooms of varying size that are full of trinkets and secrets to uncover spread across two floors.

- A dozen raiders and molerats who will test both your stealth and combat skills.

- Half-a-dozen locked containers that require keys or advanced lockpicking skills to procure unique items.

- Lots of teddy bears, plungers, mannequins and peculiarly positioned skeletons to contend with! 


NOTE: This is the first dungeon I ever designed for a Bethesda RPG. As such, I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with valuable feedback and constructive criticism so that I may continue honing my design chops. You may leave a comment or reach me via my Twitter handle, Watfen64. Updates may be released to fix potential bugs ranging from the visual (floating objects, Z-fighting, etc.) to the mechanical (faulty AI, spotty collision, etc.). Feel free to drop suggestions as well!

Also, because this mod contains items stemming from all DLC packs, playing the Calvin Coolidge Institute without the add-ons may cause some unforeseen quirks (e.g. missing objects and props). No other mods are needed to have a swell experience.