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-New healthpool for both the player and enemies
-Better combat AI
-Rebalanced weapons, armor and legendary effects.
-Healing difficult in combat on very hard/survival

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Fallout 4 is a fantastic game but the combat is very uneven. This mod seeks to fix that by keeping the best parts of Fallout 4s combat constant. The parts that have both you and your enemies balanced against each other yet still give you that awesome rpg feeling of becoming more and more powerful. 

The player only gets 2,5 hp per level.
Low level enemies have more health. High level enemies less. The enemies at start will be able to take alot more damage. For example most humans now have between 100-300 health. Supermutants 250-500 health and so on.

Enemy combat AI is now more intelligent and dangerous. It seeks to flank you and is more aggresive. If you sneak attack a group they will investigate in the general direction of the gunfire trails, sounds etc faster and are less likely to give up looking for you. Enemies will also try to overwhelm you with their numbers more often.

Weapon damage has been rebalanced. I have taken the base damage of the better guns in the game like handmade rifles, guass rifles etc and brought many guns closer to their damage potential. 

Low level regular armor has also gotten buffs, it is now much more useful. Power armors defense rating is now connected to how upgraded it is. Power armors can take alot more damage before it breaks. Most clothes, helms and hats now accept ballistic weave.
Legendary effects are not as powerful as before and the highest bonuses are things with +5% damage (replacing explosive, wounding, furious). Many useless legendary effects have also been replaced with these useful (but not gamebreaking effects). In vanilla only a handful legendary effects makes enemies die fast. Now all weapons are deadly, even if they are not legendary.
Stimpaks heal 50 health (100 with all  ranks of medic perk and bobblehead) over 10 seconds. Healing is x2 times slower on hard and x5 times slower on VH and on survival. Smaller buffs for food items and only water heals. Healing cannot be stacked, doing so just resets the timer as the new one starts its effect. Stimpaks no longer fixes crippled limbs. Companions wounded in survival now will need to rest after getting wounded but if you heal them with a stimpak they will catch up to you on your next transition screen. You can now teleport to most locations in the Commonwealth on survival after reaching the institute.

Chems are less powerful (for example jet does not slow time nearly as much, meaning enemies fight back much better when you are under the influence).

Damage dealt to the player is much more even.

Some perks have been changed. Many have gone down in damage but this damage has been added as general gameplay making both the player and all enemies more dangerous without heavy perk investment (yet the spikes in damage from NPCs have gone down for example highest legendary raiders from nuka world). 

You now take normal damage while in VATS (was reduced by 90%!) 

You now start with 40 SPECIAL points like in all previous Fallouts. 

Some of these changes require a new game.

All of these changes makes for a much more even challenge in combat. You are very weak out of the vault yet as you grow powerful low level enemies will still put up a good fight when they outnumber you. The high level enemies doesnt reach absurd amounts of hp and neither do you the player.