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Apply nail polish with LooksMenu overlays. Supports male and female CBBE, EVB, Vanilla

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LooksMenu Nail Salon Overlays

Add nail polish to your female or male* character or any female NPC with LooksMenu Nail Salon Overlays!  Supports separate overlays for manicures and pedicures.  Mix and match colors.

Two plugin styles to choose from: standard .esp or new light master .esl.  (.esl does not require use of a .esp slot in the 255 plugin limit)

*Note - Only EVB male body support for toe nails.  The vanilla feet textures for males are indecipherable as to where the toenail would be.  If you create a good looking vanilla male toenail mask - please PM me, I will include it and update mod!

If you enjoy overlays, check out my other mod: Tribal Body Tattoos

*CBBE, EVB, and Vanilla bodies supported - check file downloads for options* (file texture/material names in vanilla version named cbbe_*)
**Compatible win Unique Player and Unique Companions**

Your choice of the 12 colors or a french manicure

To use:

  1. Open LooksMenu
  2. Edit Body
  3. Access Overlays
  4. R (or click) to Add
  5. Nail treatments and labeled for Hands or Feet and numbered 1 - 10. (see color palette for color numbers)

Color Palette:

  1. French
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Lilac
  4. Mint
  5. Baby Pink
  6. Hot Pink
  7. Crimson
  8. Royal Blue
  9. Teal
  10. Solar
  11. White
  12. Black

Tinting in-game is not currently supported in body overlays, but if you would like to change any of the colors:  
  1. Get the loose files version (or extract texture BA2 archive)
  2. Expand the textures folder to:  ../data/textures/overlays/AWP3RATOR/
  3. Select a file set ( for fingers or for toes).  The files are numbered and colors match for both fingers/toes.
  4. Open with Photoshop, GIMP, etc. and edit the color masks to your desire.  Note that the overlays appear much lighter in game.  Brighter colors tend to glow in the dark
  5. Save as the original file name to replace OR save as a new numbered name - and be sure update both the .json file and .txt translation files.  See kirsser143's guide for more instructions on adding new overlays.

We made hot files week of 01-22-2018!  Thanks everyone for supporting! 

Special thanks to expired6978 for LooksMenu and krisser143 for the guide on creating this.