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For those looking for something a little different, a Looksmenu Preset for a lass of "goblinoid" persuasion. Not necessarily lore-friendly -- but then again you could always consider it as the results of a rare strain of FEV.

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This started more or less on accident as a result of playing with the "setrace" console commands when I switched a newly created unique settler to a ghoul and then back to human. Most of her features came back except her nose didn't quite make it. On whim I tried seeing if Looksmenu would be able to save and load it as a preset, and it worked!

So from there I added scars, grime, thick brows, funky hair, pointy ears and a custom skin tone. Also some glowing red eyes to peer out of the darkness. I believe custom skin tones are supported by the base version of Looksmenu, and I didn't add anything from the Customization Compendium so that's not necessary. This also requires no custom skin textures that I'm aware of, although you'll likely need to grab one if you want her body to be as dirty as her face.

Even if you don't like the goblinoid idea at all, this preset is something to work from if you want to have something of a ghoulified look but still have access to all the hairstyles, makeup styles, etc. It's the result of a glitch but seems to load fine on my system... so hopefully yours, too!



RECOMMENDED MODS (if you want her to look as close to the pictures as possible)

Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair (I used the "Badass" hairstyle)
512 Standalone Hair Colors (I used "Glitter 10" )
Extended Facial Sculpting (if you want the pointy ears, otherwise safe to leave off)
Glowing Eyes (or just switch them to something nice and bloodshot)

Her outfit in the pictures is the Armoured Black Skirt from Eli's Rugged Outfits with additional vanilla metal and raider armor pieces. The shield comes from OblivionGuardArmor. The weapon is just a vanilla tire iron with the bladed upgrade and the helmet is a dirty army helmet (the hair I chose clips through hats and helmets but in this case I kind of like the effect).