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How to get it:
Just work your way up to level 25 and you will be get your hands on this lethal weapon. Don't forget to save some caps as this is a bit
pricey to buy or stock up some stimpak, medx and psycho if you wanted to grab it from other hands at this early level:)

Vanilla Fallout
Nuka World DLC

Manual installation only. You must know what you will be doing when installing this mod.
Back up your game first before installation
Extract the dknFNFNC.rar file to any temporary folder then merge the extracted files with your current fallout 4 installation.
If it is your first time to install this mod then it should not overwrite any thing from your current fallout 4 installation.

If you already installed the previous version [dknFNFNC1.0] then simply overwrite all the old files. It should not affect current save games.

Known Issues:
Sometimes it takes longer than normal to equip it but I cannot do anything about it. Pardon me with this, seems to occur on other moded weapons as well.