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How many people like the idea of the MIRV fatman but were disappointed by the horrendous bug that caused any shot at a downward angle to explode at the player's feet?
Well I've got a fix for that!

Permissions and credits
So first of all big thanks to Top Attack Fatman Targeting Computer for reinvigorating my interest in the Fatman and its MIRV upgrade. Unfortunately my fix will not apply to the Top Attack MIRV Launcher as it uses its own projectile. However it can be updated using the method I'll describe below using FO4Edit.

Only the base game. No DLC needed.

The Fix:
I've wanted a fix for this bug since the game was released. But it was described as an issue with the game engine and not something that could be fixed with a mod. So I waited and waited... and Bug-thesda never bothered to notice or fix this ridiculously broken weapon. So I started looking into it again lately. Still no fix.
But in the Nuka World DLC there happens to be a new grenade... The MIRV grenade. Since it uses the same mechanic, an explosion that spawns projectiles, I expected it to have the same bug. But when I tested it out and threw it off a bridge, it didn't blow up at my feet! So I opened up FO4Edit and compared the Fatman MIRV with the MIRV grenade.
The major difference is that the MIRV grenade child projectiles are type "lobber" and the Fatman MIRV child projectiles are type "missile". So I changed the Fatman MIRV child projectiles to "lobber" and *BOOM* no more bug.

Further changes:
I've also changed the gravity, speed, and lifetime for the Fatman MIRV projectiles.
  • Gravity and speed were increased to simulate the spread of the original MIRV bombs. The type "lobber" doesn't react the same way as the type "missile". 
  • Lifetime is necessary as "lobber" uses this value and the low vanilla value causes them to disappear before exploding.
I've also changed the spread and number of projectiles spawned by the MIRV pack explosion.
  • I increased the spread here for the same reason as the gravity and speed above. The MIRV carpets a decent area with the values I've used.
  • I've fixed the projectiles spawned from 5 to 6 because the MIRV pack is clearly 6 mini nukes. Thanks again Bug-thesda.

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