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Ensures NPCs no longer have bulletproof skulls or superman-like chests.

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This is an updated version of an old mod of mine: Fail's Sensible NPC Health. I will go back and update the old version of this for the pancake version at some point, but for now, here's the 'VR' Version. Essentially it's the latest version of the mod (far more recent than the one I just linked to, I've been updating it for personal use), with no UFO4P or DLC requirements.

The effects are below, but it should be noted that to get the full effect it's advised you install at least my Health, Perks and Weapons mods listed in the description, as well as the recommended mods at the bottom. It's not a requirement, and the mods won't break separately or anything, it;s just they're designed to be used together.

Sensible NPC Health effects:

Head Damage
Human - x7 from x2 vanilla.

  • Red widow, infected and vampiric bloodbug reduced to basic bloodbug health (those things look flimsy)
  • Vicious dog - Rabid dog brought down to albino levels (alpha too). Was going to bring these down further but I figure rabid dogs can be pretty nasty. Just not shrug off a missile level nasty.
  • Low end radscorpion health minimum moved from 250 to 400, high end moved from 1125 to 800. Should be a nice spread now.
  • All stingwings reduced to lowest level stingwing health (but are still tougher due to DR), speed increased to 3x original. They should go down in one or two shots now, even the high level ones, but are now scary fast. Well, not really. Just not slow like they were, you'll have moving targets now.
  • Mole rat broodmother- Reduced health slightly so she isn't drastically more tough than standard rats, she's more 2x their health now, than 4x.
  • Deathclaw Damage doubled, as it's fairly trivial to avoid melee with them, so if they do get you they should be a threat, even in power armour…
Super Mutants
  • Mutant hound -Normal hound health moved to glowing hound levels (350 or so), glowing hound levels increased (to about 500). These things were way too weak for the way they look. Gnarly.
  • Super mutants - All mutants lower than brute given brute health (275 or so). Mutants should be damn scary to low level characters and provide more of a sense of victory when you can finally take on a group of them. Still quite bullet spongy at high levels, but given their background that makes a little sense and gives you a humanoid threat in the lategame.
All brought in line with highest sensible health. Aimed for around 2-300 max, similar to the player if you use the recommended mod No Health Level Scaling. Also fixed some vanilla bugs (80 strength for a melee raider veteran? Typo if I ever saw one…)
  • Raiders - Raider and Raider scum brought up to 70 health from 30 (stupidly low), survivalist and veteran brought down to match other raiders (200 from 350/500 respectively)
  • BoS Soldiers -initiate brought up to 100, aspirant 150, Knights 200, paladins 300.
  • Gunners - gunners in general brought down to be tougher raiders, but not so tough they can take a fat man and walk away (genuine problem in vanilla…) Health ranges from 90-150 for conscripts/privates, to 200-240 for officers.
  • Minutemen - max out at 200
  • RR agent - max out at 200
High level NPCs
I've noticed that the endgame NPCs that level with player health (basically the top level versions of the below) are stubbornly refusing to be altered. I have therefore removed these top level gits from the levelled spawn lists. The next highest versions are fairly similar in toughness, but for now we will lack the appearances (textures and models) of the endgame nasties. As far as I can tell this is unavoidable.
Effected NPCs:
Brotherhood soldiers (star paladin)
synths (eradicator)
stingwings (chaser)
bloodbugs (vampiric)
mirelurk kings (glowing)
super mutants (warlords)
sentry bots
gutsys (colonel)
deathclaws (mythic)
feral ghouls (charred)
glowing ones (bloated)
mirelurk hunters (albino, I think)
yao guai (dusky)
radscorpions (deathskull)
Damage Resistance changed to 100 from 60
Health reduced to 900 across the board
Essentially this should mean they are strong against small arms fire, while still being sufficiently weak vs missiles etc. If you prefer your vertibirds immune to small arms fire, I suggest the excellent Tougher Vertibirds mod.
Low level/story coursers
health increased to 570 minimum from 360.
DR/ER changed to 80 minimum from 50.
These guys should be scarier. Tempted to increase their move/reload speed, let me know your thoughts.

extract the .esp into your Fallout\Data folder.

Companion mods:

Fail's Sensible Weapons - VR
Fail's Personal Tweaks - VR

Suggested mods:
Fallout Loot Overhaul - Greatly reduces the available loot in the worlds and actually makes finding cool stuff exciting. I may upload a patch later that makes it play better with the no food health mod below. The stimpack drop rate is based on using food healing...
No Health Level Scaling - Reduces player health to match NPCs. Use the player .esp only.Fail's Sensible Perks - VR
No Food Health Bonus - will also remove the healing from blood packs, but they're still useful to make stimpacks.
Survival Damage Fix - without this, the survival damages contained in Fail's personal Tweaks will not work completely. Feel free to use your own survival damage combinations, but bear this mod in mind, as it's an often forgotten effect.
Survival quick save
Survival Console enabler
No adrenaline
No Thirsty Chems