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Simple little mod that adds a Manhunt/Metal Gear Solid style lure system that allows you to distract your enemies, and lure them out into the open.

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Thank you guys SO MUCH for all of
your endorsements and helping other people find the mod to enjoy it. Truly
appreciate all of the luv and feedback, you guys are awesome!

This little mod adds a Manhunt/Metal Gear solid style lure system to Fallout 4. lets you distract and lure enemies by whistling or throwing bolts on the ground to make noise and attract them to a specific location. I made this mod for myself to fit a stealth play through in Frost and decided to share it.

This mod gives you a tactical advantage in the dark and goes pretty well with Registrators take cover mod.

To be clear, in Vanilla if you fire a weapon, swing a weapon or make any noise really, enemies tend to magically find you IMMEDIATELY regardless of if you leave the area or were hidden etc. This mod allows you to lure the enemy to a specific area. the NPC will search the area where you WERE when you whistled for them (or wherever your bolts land), allowing you to run and hide, lure them out into the open and pick them off.

Please endorse if you do like it and wind up using it. Thankx!!

Whistle Aid Item gets added to your inventory by default. Fav it and use it to whistle. Works in first or third person. Use FO4 Hotkeys if you want to hotkey it instead (another great mod by Registrator). bolts can be made at chem station. You need steel. Feel free to change this if you want in FO4edit etc.

The mod is pretty simple, but works well. Enemies wont immediately be able to find you, they will search the location you were last at if you whistle, or wherever the bolts land if your throw them so get out of there quick and you can lure them around pretty effectively. NPC's aren't stupid though (well, no stupider than vanilla haha) they wont automatically come right to you out in the open, they will search, hide behind cover, peak out etc. Keep in mind they will also ignore you if they are in the middle of a fire fight or distracted by something else. 

A few little videos I made while testing the mod to demonstrate

Thanks for the awesome Video by DarkWolfGaming

Bolts will clip through the ground occasionally. I cant help it, I did my best with the collision, its not the bolts its Bethesdas horrendous ground collision. what can you do.

The whistle sound effects ain't great. I rushed em I can do about 10 thousand times better lol.

In terms of XBOX ports - Im too lazy to do em (if anyone even cares), and I cant test em on Xbox. My scripts might not work on Xbox not sure. Message me if you want to convert it.

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