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A mod designed to create diversity across the commonwealth by adding variants of all major armor and clothing!

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Welcome back Fallout 4 fans, I have finally managed to roll out updates for this mod, sorry for the long wait! 

This mod started as a new hand crafted leather mod, then I realized that the issue with the new texture mods is the not the quality, its that there is only one option for that new HD texture. This mod is something new, it brings new textures to every vanilla armor set, but not only that, it brings a variant each of those armor sets. Instead of the same piece of armor spread across the commonwealth, this mod brings the diversity you've been looking for.

Hundreds of hair and face mods, unique armor re-placers, creating a unique experience for that single piece of armor...And now something even better.

Looking for a new playthrough and immersion? This mod brings hundreds of new options for the engine to populate across your journey.
The mods normally found on the nexus replace a single texture, this mod is designed to add diversity across the entire world of the commonwealth by creating a variant to every available armor and clothing texture or material. This mod introduces 4+ variants for each piece of armor or clothing. Instead of the normal 120 options for armor and clothing, this mod gives the engine over 1500+ options for different armors and clothing combinations for all NPC's. Tired of shooting the same NPC? Tired of seeing the same raider with the standard default leather set? This mod adds 23 variants of hand crafted armor to just one piece of leather leg arm armor, which combined with the variants of full body leather armor equal over 390 unique armors for only leather gear, then combined with unique armor sets for raiders, residents, and all NPCs, download and add even more variety to the world. Every main cloth and armor has a hand made variant. Hundreds of unique textures added to the battlefield! 

Currently added variants:

This mod works completely standalone and does not overwrite your current modded textures (outside of leather and raider armor, hand crafted and HD).

Install to your main Data folder, this mod is compatible with all available mods, as it adds unique armors without dependency of mods.
Leather and raider armors are 100% hand made and 4K resolution, these are now available in 2k!

Add the diversity to your world that you've been waiting for, stop shooting a different hair color NPC in the same armor, this mod aims to completely randomize you're Fallout 4 experience.

Working on creating a NMM version.

As it stands, install to your Data folder, requires AWKCR and AWKCR supported DLC's.