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Settlement mod and bunker home.

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Hi everyone!,

First off I want to thank all the amazing modders on this site for they're amazing work and effort! Also please check the sticky in the posts section. This is the first mod I have ever made and I have tested it quite a bit. This is a settlement mod/bunker player home. The lore if you will is that it was a water treatment plant for sanctuary hills, but was built as an emergency fallout bunker for military VIP's. For years its been abandoned and a group of settlers managed to get a holdĀ  of the key.
I made a very small quest that will start as soon as the mod is activated and you load in game(sorry new to this and it was all I could manage for a quest haha) There's a little story if you bother to read the notes you come across (3 total) to kind of give a background on what happened. Also the workshops are linked together so whatever you have in the outside workbench will appear in the bunker workshop. Almost everything you can look at is able to be scrapped.
The bunker is locked with a key and the mini quest will let you obtain it. When you first go in the bunker it will be dark and there will be enemies inside, my attempt at a DOOM/Resident Evil haha. But once you unlock the workshop room you will be able to disable the emergency lighting and turn on regular lights, all effects and blood will also disappear and enemies are also able to be scrapped. There are power boxes located in the ceiling in every room and its fully navmeshed for followers. It is located on the lake near sanctuary hills and will appear on your map as soon as you load in. The quest is not leveled but there is a bigger enemy outside the bunker the first time you go there (read the note by the key) and enemies inside. The only issue I know of is when you activate the switches it will say this button has no function, I'm not sure why but I'm very new to all this. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading! P.S. I'm running 96 mods and I haven't had any conflicts, I built this on vanilla so it requires only the base game to work. As far as load order goes I ran it at the bottom of my list. Please feel free to post your pictures or videos!