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This adds a custom radio to the game that allows you to add your own music!, so you don't got to listen to predefined music.

Permissions and credits
How The Mod Works
1: It Adds A Custom Radio Station Up to 100 Songs
2: It Makes A New Station So It Won't Effect Other Stations
3: Any Songs As Long As It Is In .wav Or .xvm Format
4: It Is Accessible All Over The Map

1: Install The Files With/Without NMM
2: Go To Data\Sound\FX\mus\radio\Put Music Here
3: if you use MO2 you need to go to the MO2 dir than mods what you named the mod when you installed it than put songs in the folder Sound\FX\mus\radio\Put Music Here
5: There Are 10 Files There That Are Numbered 1-100
5:: Move Your Songs Somewhere And Number Them 1-10 And Put Them In Sound\FX\mus\radio\Put Music Here (If You Are Going To Use .xvm Format Delete All .wav files)

Installing the audio files
1: they must be named right or it wont work

Depending on the version you download you need to name them accordingly

Packing audio into a ba2
1: disable compression in the settings, audio should not be compressed
2: add the audio and scripts(if you use the shuffle version)
3: save as: add the esp name + " - Main"
4: place in ba2 in the data folder or mod folder


IF you get silence playing try and add this to your fallout4Custom.ini
(NMM, Vortex users its "Documents/My Games/Fallout4" if it does not exists create it)
(MO2 Users its "MO2/Profiles/YOUR PROFILE NAME")


If This Mod Conflicts With any other mod try and change the radio radio frequency (worldspace>Commonwealth>cel>cel>2029Radio-PipboyCustomRadioTransmitterRef>XRDO - radio>frequency) the original Frequency is "88.000000".

1: Report Any Bugs
2: Report Any Conflicts
3: To Report Any Bugs Please Tell Me What Version You Are Using(Like 10 Song Version etc.)
4: i need to know what you are using MO2 or NMM, etc
5: i need to know how you installed the songs

Stuff Used To Make This Mod
1: Fallout 4
2: Fallout 4 Creation Kit

Should Be compatible with Maxwell's World(i added this some time ago but forgot to add it to the notes)

Notes about Fallout 4 VR:
this mod works fine in F4VR.