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Instantly add perk points on the fly when you need them.

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This is my first attempt at modding aside from using console commands, which I guess is a form of modding.  I made this for my own use but thoughts others might find it useful.

This is a very simple bat file which adds perk points instantly to your game. There are several great mods out there that allow you to add perks points to your toon as you level, however I couldn't find one that would just add a bunch of perks on demand.  This was designed to be used along side mods like Start Me Up by TinyManticore, and PerkPointsPerLevel by TheLich.  These mods are really great (and I use them both religiously) however they don't take into account what happens if you start a character at level 10 (or any level other than level 1) and want to have more than one perk point per level retroactively. That exact scenario is why I created this "mod".  

I've taken the liberty of adding several versions of the file which add perk points in increments: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50.  Run the bat file several times to get different numbers such as 26 would be 20 and 5 and 1.  Basic math and all.  Use them at your own discretion. I accept absolutely no responsibility for it if you do something crazy (like add 3000 points) and it jacks up your game somehow. 

NOTE: this is just a simple batch file which took longer to figure out how to upload it to the nexus than it did to actually make!  LOL   As such feel free to do anything you like with it, no permissions are needed.  If you feel so inclined and want to make donations to encourage future work on my part, I accept pizza, beer and lonely young ladies who are into balding middle aged fat white guys who play video games.  <chuckle>

INSTALLATION:  bat files are easy as hell to install, literally all you do is download the file, unzip it and and drop it into your Fallout 4 > Data folder.  Then to use them just hit your tilde key (found just below ESC on most american keyboards) and type in BAT ADD PERK POINTS 5 as one word with no spaces like this  BAT AddPerkPoints5 (please note the space between BAT and ADD) and hit enter.  BINGO! You now have 5 extra perk points.  Note that this is not a dynamic feature, if you want to add 4 points you have to ADDPERKPOINTS1 4 times.  As mentioned above, the increments I've included are 1, 5, 10, 20, & 50.

Yes I've tested this.  Yes it works fine. No it should not conflict with anything because it is simply manipulating an in-game command.

Hope you guys enjoy.