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Changes the texture for most reflex sight reticles to make them more easily visible in VR.

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[Engineered for the VR Version!  I suppose you could install it on the Pancake version, but... I'm not sure why you would.]


1.2.0 Update! New shapes and colors, more accuracy and less bleed-over! Now with all-in-one FOMOD installer!
You can now choose from four shapes and two colors (Green or Red):
  • Circle (default)
  • Chevron
  • Cross
  • Dot

All reticles have been moved out even further in front of the gun, to increase accuracy and get closer to the "infinity focus" effect that reflex sights have IRL.

The Falloff Angle (see technical details section) has been adjusted to reduce the bleed-over where the reticle appears outside the sight housing. There will still be some bleed-over, but there shouuld be less now.


Reflex sights are great, especially in VR where scopes don't (currently) work and iron sights get too blurry to be functional at any sort of distance.  Sadly, the projected reticles are obviously not designed for VR, as they become so small and thin as to become almost impossible to see when a gun is held out in a realistic pose.  

This mod is just a few tiny changes that fixes this issue for most (though not all) reflex sights in the game.

The following guns now have much more visible Reflex Sight reticles:

  • 10mm Pistol (Circle Sight only)
  • .44 Revolver
  • Combat Rifle (Circle Sight only)
  • Combat Shotgun    (Circle Sight only)
  • Gauss Rifle    (Reticle changed from dot to circle)
  • Hunting Rifle           (Circle Sight only)
  • Gatling Laser           (Reticle changed from dot to circle)
  • Institute Weapons  (Reticle changed from dot to circle)
  • Laser Musket
  • Laser Weapons
  • Assault Rifle             (Circle Sight only)
  • Plasma Weapons
  • Double Barrel Shotgun  (Circle Sight only)
  • Submachinegun      (Reticle changed from dot to circle)

The Pipe Weapons and Railway Rifle have reflex sights but don't have reticles, so they don't actually function as actual reflex sights in VR.  I don't have the kind of editing skills necessary to fix this problem, but fortunately other people do! Check out This Homemade Weapon Reflex Sight Mod by karamazovnew!


Installation Instructions:

Download and install via the Nexus Mod Manager! This is the recommended method. Follow these instructions to trick NMM into pointing at your VR install: 

OR Manually Install:

1. Download and unzip files
2a. Pick which reticle SHAPE you want, and copy the contents of that folder into the Data folder in your Fallout4VR install directory.
  • You can ignore the .xcf files; they are only there to make it easier to edit your own reticles if you really wanted to.  
  • You can also ignore the "mipmap index" reticle shape; I made that for testing mipmap view distances and forgot to take it out.
2b. Pick which reticle color you want, and copy the contents of that folder into the Data folder in your Fallout4VR install directory.
  • Depending on what mods you have installed already, the Meshes and Textures folders may or may not already exist.  Regardless, you should be able to copy the folders from the mod directly into the Data folder and they will integrate into the folder structure.
  • If you get a warning about overwriting files, it means one of your other installed mods already overwrites one of the reflex sight meshes or textures that I changed.  You'll have to decide which one you prefer to use.
3. (If this is your first mod) Make sure mods are enabled.  
  • Open this file in your favorite text editor: My Documents\My Games\Fallout4VR\Fallout4VRCustom.ini
  • Under the Archive header, add the following lines:
  •         bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
  •         sResourceDataDirsFinal=
  • Save and close.
That's it!


Technical Details:

In real life, reflex sights work by using complicated refraction to make the red dot (tm) appear over where the bullet will strike even if the viewer's perspective is slightly off to the side.  In pancake FO4, the gun is always pointed straight outwards, so this is purely an aesthetic function.  In the VR version, the IRL effect is crudely imitated by putting the texture for the reticle really far out in front of the actual gun.  It's not perfect, but it works well enough that the innate RNG inaccuracy of guns in this game become a bigger issue.

The original reticle textures were designed to be viewed very close up (aimed shooting literally zoomed you in on the sights).  There are lower LOD mipmaps (pre-rendered lower-res versions of a texture that are used when the texture is being viewed from further away), but they are almost impossible to see, especially in VR where the resolution is relatively low and you're holding the gun a lot further from your eye.  Holding a gun up close to your face uses Mipmap level 4 (1/32th the resolution of the original reticle) and holding a gun with arms outstretched in proper Weaver stance sends it down to Mipmap level 5 (1/64th the resolution).  At that range the entire reticle is only 8 pixels wide.

This mod modifies the texture for the circle reticle for the reflex sights to make the lower res versions significantly bolder and more visible.  Nearly all of the guns use the same reticle texture, (Textures\Weapons\10mmPistol\10mmCircleReticle_d.dds), so it only needs to be modified in this one spot.

Several of the guns have two reflex sights options, dot or circle.  The dots are rendered with a general "point of light" texture that is probably used in other places in the game, so I didn't want to modify it.  As such, for guns with both a Circle and a Dot version, only the Circle version has been updated.    Some guns only have one reflex sight option, a dot within a circle, and those have also been updated.

Three of the guns (Gauss Rifle, Gatling Laser, and Institute Rifle) only had a dot option.  I have updated these to use the circle reticle rather than the dot reticle, to make them more visible.

1.2 Update: I've moved all of the reticles twice as far out from the guns. This adds additional accuracy (since the reticle is further from the gun and closer to the fabled "infinity focus"), and it makes the projected sight effect a lot easier to see. This does mean, however, that if you aim straight down your reticle may disappear, as it is technically embedded in the ground.

The angles at which a texture is visible are determined by a parameter called FalloffAngleStart and FalloffAngleStop, which range between 1.0 and 0.0 (where 1.0 is straight on and 0.0 is side-on). After the camera has moved past the Falloff Stop Angle, the texture is no longer visible. In the vanilla game, it is set to ~0.997 for most of the reflex sight reticles. By setting it higher (say, ~0.9995), the reticle disappears more quickly when the gun is angled. However, since most of the textures are not single points, they will actually pass that determinite angle gradually (as in, one edge goes past the angle before the opposite edge), such that the texture disappears in stages.

I have manaully adjusted all of the FalloffAngle settings for each reflex sight, to get it as close as possible to dissapearing at the edge of the sight housing while still being visible at all angles within the housing. It's not perfect, because the gradual transition between one edge and the other is larger than the width of the reflex sight housing for most of the guns, and because the angle changes slightly depending on how far away from your face you are holding the gun. However, it is far better than it was before. If the reduced bleed-over is still too much for you, feel free to make manual adjustments to the Falloff Angle parameters in the .nif files. I'd suggest using the dot sight, since it has the least amount of gradual disappearance.


Release Notes

  • Added "red" as a reticle color option
  • Moved reticles further out from the gun
  • Adjusted Falloff Angle to reduce bleed-over
  • FOMOD installer

  • Added reticle shapes
  • Added NMM installer support
  • Added submachine gun sights

  • Fixed a couple of file paths

Initial Release