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Fixes (more or less) the obfuscated dialog choices.

Permissions and credits

This mod is VR only. Do not attempt to install on non-VR Fallout 4. Unless you are trying to crash your game, then feel absolutely free to; no promises though.

1. Add the following to Fallout4Custom.ini (create it if it is not present) under My Games/Fallout4VR:


2. Extract the archive's folders to your steamapps\common\Fallout 4 VR\Data folder.

Supported Languages:

Every language natively supported by FO4VR.

Known Issues:

If the dialog text is long enough, it may get partially cut off. There isn't much I can do about this without redesigning the dialog menu, which is far outside my skillset.

I had to scale down the dialog wheel substantially to get it to stop cutting off dialog; this may make it illegible if you are using a... less traditional headset (any headset with a resolution much lower than the Vive/Rift CV1).


McGuffin for xTranslator and its tool to generate de-obfuscated dialog strings.