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  1. abborre
    • member
    • 593 posts
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    The 1st person animation is all screwed up for me. Parts of the gun seems out of place, somethign covers the screen during parts of the reload, the shells don´t actually get inserted into the gun and other stuff like that. Also, the line of aim is all off, my character holds the gun up too heigh and off to the left. It´s almost possible to aim with the screw sight, but without it the line of sight is so low that the gun obscures the aim completely.
    1. Anonymous24011
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      Hey, I'm replying almost a month later, but I had the same problem. Deleting the mod archive and reinstalling fixed the problem for me.
  2. Shoeshine2
    • member
    • 21 posts
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    The shotgun itself works fine. Issues arise when using it with the NCR Ranger armor, as the gloves clip with the camera and make aiming impossible.
  3. mshark308
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    mother f***er how do you get your weapons to look so juicy and clean like im finna bust nut on this gun s*** looks clean
  4. onepunchmeme
    • supporter
    • 23 posts
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    Amazing mod. That reload animation is so satisfying...
  5. bucky699
    • supporter
    • 167 posts
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    Is it just me or is this OP as hell, got it first thing in concord and been one shotting nearly everything
    1. undercarriage
      • member
      • 269 posts
      • 1 kudos
      yeah, the damage is a little high
  6. darkklawd
    • member
    • 430 posts
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    Now this, is a shotgun!
  7. dionisiy300
    • member
    • 151 posts
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    so at least make a collimator for it..... simple without frills... some sort of Russian tin
  8. MrQuintessance
    • member
    • 203 posts
    • 1 kudos
    I love this shotgun so much...Not because it is from new vegas, I've never played new vegas...I like this shotgun because it reminds me of favorite shotgun in black ops 1 which was the olypmia, that shotgun still hasn't been made which is kinda disappointing because it was easily the best shotgun in the multiplayer genre of games.
    I suck at shooters right...One day I log on in the morning and I pick lightweight, fast hands and something else...I neglected scavenger for once...And I run throughout that map that had a nuke right next to you minutes before launch, and I beasted and feasted the whole game, I had 56 kills and 0 deaths.
    If I were a youtuber, you wouldn't have payed any schitz to ali-a or syndicate lol screw them, my game was beast after that, 60 kills became normal for me...Until they started monetizing and selling p2w guns, and that map which was my favorite never popped up, I kept getting sniper zones only.
    But this shotgun reminds me of those days in BO1.
  9. Arnuxs
    • member
    • 141 posts
    • 1 kudos
    Animations for female chars are messed up in 3rd person for some reason... I guess some mod conflict...
    1. Zero42011
      • member
      • 270 posts
      • 1 kudos
      have the same idk what it is tho
  10. quxo
    • member
    • 37 posts
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    Balance is not very good. Makes vanilla double barreled shotgun obsolete. You should at least make it so Caravan Shotgun spawn from level 10